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Top Tips for Space Opening

We've been there man.

The event known as the opening of Space is expensive and time-consuming, but very cool. There are a lot of very big djs and they play ALL day and ALL night.

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Also in attendance are people from many places around the world from cultures who have differing ideas about club etiquette.

Below we’ve collected together some pieces of advice from readers and staff and the people on the message board forum interactive zone to help make the day your day cheaper and quicker.

TT 4 2005

buy now!SHARKS. Ticket sellers in Ibiza are notoriously shifty and just as likely to pick your pocket as send you anywhere good. Buy online at our ticket shop and gain preferential entry.

J. Ledden

buy now!LUGGAGE. Space has no coat check so save time by driving straight from the airport to Playa d’en Bossa and bury your bag in the sand. Traverse the final few metres on foot.

Don Moron

buy now!CONSTRUCTION. Bring your own tools to assist in the work on the new terrace and become part of clubbing history!

Bob the Builder

buy now!AUSTRIANS dislike being mistaken for Germans. Employ the phrase ‘Wovon bist du?’ to avoid causing offence and make friends for life. Insist your new chum buys you a Warsteiner.


ANTIBIOTICS. Medication can react in a very peculiar way with alcohol, so get a prescription before you go. Combine these pills with only two high priced beers and you will feel very wasted indeed!

Dr Mick

TAKE a pillow. Disco naps are the new going out.


MAKE YOUR OWN fan by folding a flyer or free magazine into the required shape. This has the added bonus of customising your look for the inevitable paparazzi photos.

Minnie Driver

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GAYDAR. Girls, this does not work on Italians who typically have an outré sense of style. Establish the sexuality of the hot guy you fancy before you waste valuable time dancing with him.


LADIES, bikinis are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Wear one to Space opening, get your picture taken and achieve immortality, or at least a permanent place in my private collection.


SPACE SECURITY are famously intolerant of cannabis smokers. Stick a pre-rolled behind your ear when you walk in, they never look there.

A. Stoner

MACDONSJ is a walking encyclopaedia of clubbing knowledge. Make your way to the forums and get his opinion on which dj to see when. He's a very clever boy, you know.

Scott’s mum

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