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Spotlighters smash it to bits on opening weekend

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The reputation of Ibiza Spotlight ( as a meeting place for the rudest and most rambunctious of ‘Net citizens was confirmed in Ibiza last weekend.

From Buckley’s villa party on Saturday (June 4) to Dc10 opening yesterday via a massive session at Space, Mark Sun, Stu Hirst, peppermint and numerous other members of Spotlight’s vibrant forums kicked arse up and down the island. They’re probably still going now.

The Downwardly Mobile Editorial Division first encountered those mentioned above and numerus others at Buckley’s staggeringly-situated villa on Ibiza’s south coast, overlooking Es Vedra (see below).

It may have been a bitch to get to, but this place was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Just by looking at the view you felt special. Turning around one was confronted by a labyrinthine palace of terraces and self-contained rooms. Sandwiched in between these was a zone just made for dancing. The fridge was packed full of San Miguel and vodka and swimsuit-clad guys and girls were relaxing and drinking in the scenery.

Mark Sun - Junio 4, 2005 Buckley's villa - Junio 4, 2005

The best sets on the specially-imported sound system were provided by Spotlight guys Mark Sun and Stu Hirst, though Tristan Ingram and posse also made available their more than capable services. Space was opening the following day, but many of the 200 or so who made it up the dodgy camino were finding it difficult to hold themselves back. It was an environment tailor-made for hedonism.

Buckley’s preparations and their subsequent execution were sufficiently discrete and lawful and his gig escaped the attention of the authorities, a good sign for other events of this nature and Ibiza’s reputation for the live-and-let-live party lifestyle.

before - Junio 2, 2005 after - Junio 5, 2005

Space’s main event the following day attracted a large contingent of slightly bruised and battered revellers from that party and other, fresher Spotlighters.

Early arrivals would have been unable to avoid the particularly thorough Guardia Civil officers, but they had disappeared by early afternoon, leaving late arrivals to enter Space 2005 unmolested.

The dominant impression of the new terrace at Space was one of deja vu. It looks like the old one, feels like the old one but sounds better. The reaction was akin to a kid whose ice cream had been stolen but then replaced with another which has a flake stuck in it and smarties on top.

the new terrace - Junio 5, 2005 the new terrace - Junio 5, 2005

The inside was bustling by 11am. Oscar Colorado and Reche have vast experience and built up the vibe nicely. Outside on the terrace the shy smile and nimble fingering of the live violinist who accompanied dj Oscar Cano induced a delirious outpouring of joy.

The parking terrace (dumb name, great vibe) didn’t power up till later but when it did the momentum was unstoppable. Spotlighters were everywhere – the ubiquitous Mark Sun, Buckley, x-amount, Scoobie, James and more whose names we can’t remember were present and incorrect.

the parking terrace - Junio 5, 2005 the parking terrace - Junio 5, 2005

Toni Moreno was super early on but we missed the Glimmer Twins (damn), and the pterygophobic Eric Prydz didn’t show (less bothered). An impressive display by Carl Cox was preceded by the perennially excellent John Digweed. The latter’s discoteca set was also well received.

The option to ‘ave it till dawn was not taken, as we wanted to be fresh for the rigours of the opening of Circo Loco at Dc10 on Monday. The revered terrace was music-less all morning and much of the afternoon so we decided to arrive late. We were almost too fashionable as by 7pm the queue was substantial and could have been better controlled. Perhaps the two huge Guardia Civil 4WDs parked by the front door distracted the attention of the security and management. But luckily no raid was forthcoming, although there were more reports of heavy-handed policing in the car park.

Dc10 - Junio 6, 2005 Mark Sun @ Dc10 - Junio 6, 2005

Our special blagging powers eventually kicked in and we were ushered inside. It was hot and heaving. Too much so for throwing shapes on the terrace but great if you’re into frottage. The gregarious Mr Sun was again in attendance with another group of friendly ISers.

Matthew B(ushwacka!) @ Dc10 - Junio 6, 2005Who it was providing the music on the terrace was a mystery to us as we couldn’t close enough to see, though we did witness at least one Manumission girl using the decks as a podium.

Inside was a bit more manageable and after Jose de Divina played another set of grinding drug noise, Mathew B(ushwacka!) upped the funk quotient considerably.

Smokin' Jo was doing the rounds with passes to nastydirtysexmusic at the Blue Marlin. The venue for their closing party session last year, El Ayoun, also had a good looking gig on. But to be honest we were tuckered, so we buggered off home. If you did go, please make your way to our forums and tell us how it was for you.

Circo Loco @ Dc10 - Junio 6, 2005

(R.I.P. Zgy Ohm)

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