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October festies

The best & worst bars to prop up over the next 30 days.

The Germans know the importance of good drinking music. In Bavaria, home of Oktoberfest, they’ve created a successful tourist industry out of it.

buy this album from Amazon!Songs such as ‘Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen’, ‘Die Lustigen Bruder’ and ‘Ein Prosit Der Gemutlichkeit' delight thousands. The beats per minute are carefully paced to maximise profits.

In Ibiza oom-pa-pa is replaced by boom-tsst-boom as Andy Daniell, Defected’s youngest ever resident dj and ex-vodka drinker put it last year.

He and we know it’s always easier to achieve inebriation in an atmosphere of wild abandon. Intense leisure institutions such as discotheques specialise in creating environments which raise the acceptable price threshold (APT) of consumers.

Below is a schedule of White Isle events which cater for punters who are likely to get over-excited and piss away at least fifty euros in a sesh.

In Spain the legal limit of alcohol for driving is 0.5 g/l blood and 0.25 mg/l breath out. In professional drivers it is reduced to 0.5 g and 0.15 g respectively.

The amount of alcohol it takes a person to reach these levels is difficult to determine and will vary between individuals

There is no safe answer to the question ‘How much can I drink and drive?’ The only way to guarantee that you will provide a negative breath test is not to drink. Even one drink an hour could put you over the limit in Spain. Ibiza Spotlight supports measures to reduce the road toll.

Saturday, October 1

Lucifer – the Marina, Ibiza Town

Opens early.

Matinée closing @ Space- Playa d’en Bossa

Will start in the morning and finish late in the afternoon. Regarded by some as more fun than Sunday. APT required? High.

Bora Bora – Playa d’en Bossa

High APT after 6pm. Drink on the beach if short of funds.

Bambuddha Grove closing - Santa Gertrudis-ish

Dirty Diamonds - a big villa with a pool prob'ly

Will get busted if Pete Tong has his way.

Lola’s – Ibiza Town

Should be a popular spot for a capital pre-Space knees up.

Underground - San Rafael

Soothing and tasteful terrace drinking. Now with kebabs!

Eden closing – San Antonio

San An-tastic.

Def Mix closing @ Pacha – the Marina, Ibiza Town

Very high APT required.

Sunday, October 2


Today renamed Ferlosers.

Space closing

Yoshitoshi's Behrouz & techno deity Jeff Mills make their Space closing debuts - full dj schedule here.

(NB: avoid the understaffed bar in the carpark at this one, unless of course you enjoy waiting 20 minutes for a warm beer. An inefficient situation such as this typically lowers one's APT.)

Bora Bora

Monday, October 1

Circo Loco closing @ Dc10 - by the airport

Not a place to take mum. Medium-to-high APT.

Bora Bora

Blue Marlin - Cala Jondal

In competition with El Ayoun for the post Dc10 crowd, but there'll be more than enough to go round.

S.O.S. @ El Ayoun - San Rafael

Blessed with good sound and decor. Mind the fountain.

Wednesday, October 5

Bora Bora closing

Your last chance to table dance.

Thursday, October 6

Fiasco opening @ Pachacha (first on the left as you enter Pacha)

"American" food. Pool. Xboxes. Hip hop.

Saturday, October 8

Km5 closing - 5kms along the San Josep to Ibiza road, obviously

Your last opportunity to sprawl on the beds amongst the trees.

Saturday October 29

Halloween party @ Bambuddha Grove

Other possibilities

  • Km5 is open every night between its October 8 closing and now
  • Underground will close sometime next week, most probably Wednesday (October 5)
  • Mambo too
  • Pacha will have some sort of "closing" party in the first half of October, but will remain open on Friday and Saturday nights for sure. On Thursdays they plan to utilise the petite Pachacha for the hip hop show Fiasco. They'll only open Sundays when Monday is a holiday
  • Lola’s is reportedly angling for business in the upcoming cool season

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