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Boom Tsst Boom @ Defected

True house headz have been herding themselves into El Divino for Defected's Friday nighter at El Divino...

True house headz have been herding themselves into El Divino for Defected's Friday nighter at El Divino. Last week's episode in particular was a delight, especially for their precocious new resident disc jockey Andy Daniell, born half way through the 80s.

Our most hospitable host explained why he's got a big smile on his face:

Andy Daniell: "Tonight we've got Sandy Rivera. He's the man with the afro who's blowing every one away. He's also my all time favourite dj. Roland Clark's just finished a PA.

He did "I Get Deep" which is the track that Fatboy Slim sampled for Star 69 - 'They know what is what but they don't know what is what'. He's an all round big ass muthafucka and nice guy."

Defected have created that excessively good vibe with seemingly little effort every Friday in their 2004 season, placing emphasis more on the music than on the glamour. Which is an achievement, especially in surroundings as lush as those of El Divino.

But a quality summer roster, effective word of mouth promotion and raucously friendly staff are doing the trick. Because the people who are running the party are having a great time, so are you. Mr Daniell continues:

"I'm having a very good night, but once I hit the vodka it will be even better. I won't remember it all, but that's why I've got a camera."

You used to be into "dodgy trance". What inspired your conversion and what's your next musical move? Learning there can be music as well as noise, was why I changed from trance to house. My next musical move - who can say? But it will probably have a beat in it and it will probably have lots of vocals and make people shake their arse. If it doesn't make people shake their arse, I ain't playing it.

Did you go to Miami this year? I didn't no. But I'm really hoping to go next year. I was one of the unlucky few that was nominated to stay in the Defected office to keep it rolling.

You're not that unlucky tho, are you? I act as if I'm hard done by but I'm not at all.

What would you say to someone who said the only reason you got the job is because you're younger and they don't have to pay you as much? Well, one day I'm going to get older and the money's going to have to go up. So I don't mind doing a few gigs for cheap for now.

Tell us about what you were saying before about Ibiza-Spotlight. Come on, give us a plug. When I first found out I was going to be coming to Ibiza, I basically hit the internet to try and do a bit of research about what I was getting myself into and Ibiza-Spotlight had basically been my bible. It had loads and loads of information I needed to know - where the good restaurants are, where the clubs are, I recommend it.

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