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Miles High - Pacha's Wally Lopez bags an air stewardess

The creator of 'Perceptions of Pacha Volume 2' appears this Friday (August 26) at his fave club and earlier at Café Mambo for the sunset launch party, from 8pm.

Dj Wally Lopez is Pacha's boy. So when the trademark holders of the famous cherry logo asked the Spanish flyer to produce an album of original material he rustled one up with help from the heavyweight stable of Pacha collaborators – Spanish rapper Mucho Muchacho, Gordon Edge, Pete Tong and Nic Fanciulli.

Wally Lopez

Wally Lopez

As Pacha pusher Mark Nettto told us earlier this year, the concept harks back to olden times when rich personages would patronise artists to produce typically flattering works.

The recently-married Lopez might not quite be a modern day Mozart but his nimble fingers were all over the epic remix of transnational David Guetta hit ‘Just A Little More Love’, which conquered all the clubs in Ibiza and everywhere else house music is played.

We were originally s’posed to meet Señor Lopez at the Pacha office for an interview after his appearance at the opening of Mambo in May, but he didn’t show due to a late scheduled appointment with the bad influence that is the aforementioned Fanciulli and a liquor cabinet. Mr Nettto however was kind enough to play us some previews of the tracks and we were impressed with their slickness and diversity.

'Perceptions of Pacha 2' is likely to sell a bundle given the faith consumers have in the Pacha brand. This trust is repaid in Lopez’s attention to detail and the very real responsibility he feels as an ambassador of the Pacha vibe and sound.

Here’s how he responded to some emailed queries:

How was the Mambo Café opening in San An in May this year?

Wally Lopez: It was great. A nice opportunity to meet up with my friends.

How often do you go to San An?

I always go when I'm in town. If i play at Pacha that afternoon I'm in San An for sure

What do you think of it? Do you hang out there often?

That is where I start my night out. It’s a perfect to place to HANG OUT.

Have you played at Eden, Es Paradis, Summum or any other club there?

I haven't played there and I am resident at Pacha Ibiza, so that is the place to hear me!

When was the first time you came to Ibiza?

It was around 4 years ago. I came to play at El Divino. It was a great experience!

What did you think?

To be honest i expected something bigger and better as I'd heard so many stories about Ibiza clubs.

How has it changed since your first visit?

My life has changed a lot, on my second visit I played at Pacha and it changed my career.

Are you looking forward to the rest of Pure Pacha this summer? Why has it been so successful you think?

This summer I couldn't play as often as I wanted to as I got married and went away for 2 weeks...but I love to play with Pete. The night is successful because the line up is very good and Friday night is perfect. Everything last year was awesome so, this year had to be better.

Tong & Jade Jagger @ Pure Pacha - June 10, 2005 (from do you know about your other people you're appearing with this Friday (August 26)?

I don't know Jade Jagger (right, with Tong) very well but I love Nic and Pete. It is always a pleasure to play with them. I also feel they are friends and this kind of relationship is a good combination for the dj booth.

What's it like working with Tong? Have you seen 'It's All Gone Pete Tong'? If so, what did you think? Are you in it?

I love to play with Pete, but haven't played with him very much recently. I haven't seen the movie yet. I’m based in Madrid and it's not been shown in Spain yet.

How is your hearing? Ever seen/been a coke badger?

My hearing is still quite good, maybe because I’m not a coke badger.

I liked the safety cards on your site ( How safe is air travel, you think? Have you ever been involved in a crash?


Not yet - and hopefully never! Last month was not good month in the air travel business. There was so many accidents this summer but I think planes are the most safe kind of transport and it is my only way to reach so many places where I play during the year. I sometimes take six planes every week so I can’t be afraid. Also my wife is an air stewardess so what can I do? HAHAHAH

Do you mind all the travel? Did you ever imagine when you were growing up you would spend so much time in planes or airports?

That is the hardest part of my job. I used to say that I got money for travelling and in the middle of my job I have spare time to play music. I never expected I would be doing this today and I'm so thankful.

What's your best travel tip for djs?

an Oakley Thump - pic from http://oakley.comMy Oakley Thump (left) is amazing - sunglasses and all my music in them!! LOVE IT! Also my Powerbook!

What place would you recommend never to go?

It is a difficult question as most places have good things and bad things. For example, I love to play in Russia or Bulgaria but u can spend 6 or 7 hours stuck in a car on a 300km trip. HAHAHAH

You went to Bulgaria on June 4. How did that go?

I love Bulgaria. This kind of country fits so well with my kind of to see people dancing and screaming...having it!

You were in NZ recently, local jock Greg Churchill said you were great. How did you find it?

It was a nice experience. It was on my last birthday and it took 2 days to travel there and I had to go straight to the club so I was sooo tired. But it was a nice experience - I think the people liked it.

There are indications Ibiza is getting more popular with gente de la peninsular. Have you found that? Why do you think that might be?

It was quite famous to go to Marbella in the summer but now it is really down and people change for Ibiza. If u see the TV all the celebrities are in Ibiza this year.

Monica Naranjo (from famous are you in Spain? As famous as Monica Naranjo (right) or Miguel Bos?

Ahhahah, not sure I am famous, but now I’m playing more often in Spain than ever. But the problem is that there is not too many tvs or videos for us so people don't recognise your face. Monica and Miguel are big pop artists here.

What was it like doing remixes for them? What did you do for them? Did you enjoy it? Do they pay well?

I made good jobs for them, the most for Monica with the ‘Chicas Malas’ remixes but I think that they never liked my remixes cos I didn’t use their voices HAHHAH. I feel the music in English was also a handicap for me. And they didn't pay very much...HAHHAH but I enjoyed a lot.

Have you heard those records in a club, played by you or somebody else?

I played only the ‘Chicas Malas’ one and one that never was released for Monica as well.

Why do you do so many remixes? Is there anybody you wouldn't do?

I never said this before but one of the reasons why I do so many is cos when I saw Todd Terry and Armand van Helden making so many a looong time ago I wanted to do it as well. I love to do my version of difficult things and always try to do a better track than the original. That is my HOBBY. If I can do a good job. I can try with whoever.

What's your favourite one?

Because it was so important in my career - 'Just A Little More Love' and of the more recent I made I love one I made for Lighthouse Family called ‘Lifted’ which is not released yet.

Tell me about the new Pacha album, Perceptions of Pacha Volume 2. When's it out? Will it be home listening or club stuff?

Club stuff for two main reasons. One, it is also a Pacha compilation, it is the way I see the club from the booth. And two ‘cos I think that for my first album I couldn’t make something that depart from my usual style. Now I have in mind to do an electronic album...but only in mind HAHHAH

How many tracks? Who have you collaborated with?

There are 12 tracks on the first cd and some remixes in the other including collaborations with Mucho Muchacho, Beatmaster G, and Gordon Edge among others. And remixes by Pete Tong, James Talk, Nic Fanciulli, David Amo y Julio Navas.

- "Perceptions of Pacha V.2" composed, produced and mixed by Wally Lopez is to be released in the UK on October 10. Available in Ibiza now

- see Wally in the cuddly flesh at Mambo Café for the launch party tonight (Friday August 26) and bag yourself a copy of this disc:

out now

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