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Nasty Nic Fanciulli - R1 ressie to unleash mad forces at Space

As anybody who has attended Viva on Thursdays, Carl Cox on Tuesdays, La Comunidad on Fridays, or the second half of We Love Space on Sundays can attest, Space at night is an exciting proposition.

As anybody who has attended Viva on Thursdays, Carl Cox on Tuesdays, La Comunidad on Fridays, or the second half of We Love on Sundays can attest, Space at night is an exciting proposition.

The world’s most famous day club is steadily adding after-dark programs, including now the centre-piece of the upsized Radio One weekend to its roster.

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On Saturday night, August 12, beginning at 7pm, the BBC’s most recognisable radio brand in Europe will celebrate a decade on the White Isle. Leading the charge will be some guys who will remember their first White Isle beginnings in 1985 (take a creaky bow Pete Tong and Judge Jules), and others who were more likely playing with a bucket and spade in the sand (see above).

We talked to one of the young guns, Nic Fanicilli about his new base, the sinful island of Ibiza, and his home Maidstone, in the southern English countryside.


The Kent town apparently has colourful history shaped by "battles, revolts, witches, mad priests and later, industrialists, brewers and Victorian benefactors".

Nic Fanciulli“That’s Maidstone now, isn’t it?” he riposted when asked where his monthly gig at the renowned yet petite Club Class fits into the melee described.

You’ve got mad priests and witches?

Nic Fanciulli (left): Yep. It’s got the vibe of mad people but we’ve got a really loyal crowd. Club Class is only 600, 700 capacity but Dubfire [from Deep Dish] played a two months ago. Then we had Paolo Mojo and Greg Vickers and last month it was me and Justin Robertson.

Tell me something about Paolo Mojo (below).

Probably one of the best recently discovered djs. He’s been doing stuff for ages, and I think he’s getting his rewards now. He’s just very patient about his music. He plays a great selection. He doesn’t just play one style, he plays all across the board and he’s a cool guy.

Paolo MojoHow did you go about putting Club Class on the map?

I think it’s down Serg and Greg who started the night and promoted the night from day one. We haven’t always been massive. We’re still not massive. We only have six, seven hundred people a month in a club. But the last two years have just been amazing. They’ve stuck to their guns and brought interesting and good music to the club and it’s paying off now.

Anne WiddecombeWhat do you think of your MP, Anne Widdecombe (left)?

I see her about. She’s always driving about on the backs of cars with her megaphone shouting about politics.

How effective is her "zero tolerance" policy you think?

I don’t know. You can clamp down as much as you want, but in a club scene it’s part and parcel of life.

Do you think she's really a virgin?

Would you?

Are there many others in Maidstone?

Maybe under 16.

How much do you think the UK government's policies affect the club industry there?

I think giving bars later licenses has. In the UK before bars used to run until about 11 o’clock. But now with a whole new bar culture and they’ve put djs in, no-one really leaves them till about two. Before the club used to get busy between 11 and 12, now over the last few years we’ve noticed it gets busy around one.

How much are you playing at Space this summer?

Seven parties well as the Radio One Saturday night on August 12. I found out yesterday I was going to do it. I’m going to be playing back to back with Paolo.

What is it about Ibiza that works?

I think Space this year especially for We Love has taken some risks with the line ups. They’ve put some really creative line ups on. I think the rest of Ibiza as well has started to do that. I think they keep changing and evolving. There’s always new djs come through. There’s always the 16, 17-year-old kid that wants to come clubbing, so as long as people keep having kids they’ll keep coming.

Will you be doing any fancy live kind of stuff with Ableton Live or anything?

I started using Ableton Live in the UK. I’ve been testing it out. Used it for the first time at Tribal Sessions in Manchester. It went down really well. I’ve also used it in bars, doing demos and stuff. It doesn’t seem to work that well in bars because it looks, not lazy, but it doesn’t look right. I think with Ableton if you’re playing with CDs and effects and stuff like that it works a lot better.

Does it look like you’re checking your email?

Every one says that. Everyone’s like ‘You’re playing Solitaire’. I definitely think it’s great software. It’s just pushing boundaries. People don’t like change straight away but I’m sure they’ll get used to it. As long as the music sounds good that’s the main thing.

Any upcoming releases we should know about?

I’ve got a new single with the Buick Project. ‘At the Rave’ it’s called. We’ve got remixes from Electric Press and also we’re remixing Steve Lawler’s new record ‘My Sound’. And we’re also remixing Tiefschwarz’s new single.

How will you distribute it? Are you releasing music via the internet at all?

We release it via the internet but we’re still quite firmly with vinyl sales on our label. I run a label called Saved Records with my partner Andy Chatterly. We seem to be going ok. We’re on our fourth release, mainly vinyl.

Do you buy music on the internet?

All the time. There’s some great sites like I still buy a lot of vinyl as well.

How evil is file sharing?

I’ve got different opinions on it. If you’re an independent label, you’re an artist and you write music you should be paid for it.

Is this the first year you’ve lived in Ibiza?

I wouldn’t say I’m living there. I’ve got my room out there, I’m travelling quite a lot, but my girlfriend’s out there the whole time. I’m staying with another geezer, Lee Burridge. I think it’s better being over there like that, because staying in hotels gets a bit mad. Early check out sucks.

Whereabouts in America have you been recently?

I was in Boston, then I went to Mexico City, then I went to Toronto for three days.

What's the process with getting visas these days?

You have to collect 40 or 50 press articles. Then you have to actually have a meeting with the US Embassy, then they decide whether you can have a visa. I know recently they’ve tightened up restrictions. They’re asking for a lot more information, a lot more personal details that I know a lot of people aren’t willing to give them. I think they’re asking really in depth about wage structures and stuff.

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