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Gene genie – Jaime Fiorito was born to spin

When you’ve a dad as influential Jaime Fiorito’s, you could take the easy route into the industry. However ‘I’m Alfredo’s son, let me play’ is a line this young upstart is unlikely to use.

When you’ve a dad as influential Jaime Fiorito’s, you could take the easy route into the industry. However ‘I’m Alfredo’s son, let me play’ is a line this young upstart is unlikely to use. His bookings at underground events around Europe have been gained the new-fashioned way – by constructing sets utilising only the freshest of cuts.

Jaime Fiorito

We figured it was time we found out his thoughts about groupies and the existence or otherwise of Ibiza's disco mafia.

How did you get the booking for Papadiso @ the Egg in London?

As I remember it was thanks to Dave & Vicky Beers from Back to Basics in Leeds. They were listening to my cd for weeks in some crazy after party. Richard Smith from TDK was there and as soon as heard the CD he gave me a call to book me.

When was the last time you played in London? How do you find the audiences there?

The last time was two weeks ago for All Over My Face at the Key. Wicked party! The crowd was excellent and I had a very good time. Giles Smith and the boys who are the same people who organise Secret Sundaze during the summer are the best party people to know in town and they have best public to play for. Great stuff!

Are you planning to go to any other gigs while you're in town or will you just fly in and out?

At the moment I am planning to do some stuff in Portugal and in Poland end of the month. When I come back I suppose that I will continue with the guys from A.O.M.F and maybe some stuff at the End. Actually I am about to start my own night but I can't say anything about that yet.

Where else have you been playing recently?

In London for the Key in Kings Cross, Drama in Soho, Some warehouse parties and Pacha Ibiza.

What was the track you were playing the last time all the people in front of you went completely la la?

For Electronic House Lovers:

Spirit Catcher - 'Voodoo Knight'

For Minimal and Techno Lovers:

Nathan Fake - 'Jittery Heritage' (Dominik Eulberg Remix)

What websites should people check out if they're interested in your sound, tour schedule, or the contents of your pants?

For my music: London London Berlin Paris

For My Clubs: London London Barcelona Barcelona Ibiza

What's your attitude toward groupies?

Haha I can't say I hate them because I would be lying! I think that we have all taken advantage of our moments of glory at some point but I don’t make a habit of it. I am more the romantic kind of guy... or at least I try! I don't hold with those girls who talk about the same your-music-is-fantastic-let's-take-some-drugs-crap all day!

Which country has the best looking crowd? Does it matter?

It does not really matter if the music is good the people will follow but I have to admit that I prefer cosmopolitan places like Ibiza, Barcelona or London.

Jaime and friendsAre you looking forward to Ibiza this year? Where/when will you be playing?

I can't wait to go back to the island! I really miss it and what to play back for all my friends! I suppose that I will be working for Manumission, Carry On and some We Love parties. It is still all to be confirmed.

Will you be doing any more Indigo parties?

I am doing Indigo parties in Felini Barcelona and will start doing another residence in London probably. I still don't know about Ibiza. I hope I will.

Does the disco mafia exist? If you believe so, does taking their money make you just as bad as them?

Of course the disco mafia exists. Ibiza is the biggest money machine in world of clubbing and it would be stupid to not take advantage of it, if you are a promoter. The sad story is that if you kill all the small clubs or new organisations who try to promote a new sound or anything different at the end of the day it kills the party spirit and makes us all feel like simple consumers in a big clubbing supermarket.

Will Space get their terrace finished before the June 5 opening?

I hope so, If not I will be workless!