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Dusted but not yet done – Oliver Lang rolls his sleeves up at Eden

San Antonio's fickle courtship with clubbing credibility continues this year with the upcoming union of London house night Dusted and the feisty Eden nitery. Will it end it tears?

San Antonio’s fickle courtship with clubbing credibility continues this year with the upcoming union of London house night Dusted and the feisty Eden nitery. Will it end in tears like last year’s disastrous dalliance with Ministry of Sound? We quiz their go-to jock Oliver Lang.

Ollie Lang

First tho we must introduce the prospective partners. Eden is a relatively new institution but has made no secret of its ambition to be viewed in the same light as its venerated White Isle competition. It even went so far as use an apple as its logo, which must have pissed off its next door neighbour Es Paradis no end, who had chosen the same fruit. Eden is not relaxed garden of earthly delights however – the stark interior is more modern and you're likely to hear faster music here than at some other venues. They have had plenty of satisfied customers over the last five years and constantly strive to improve their service and standing.

Bang!Dusted follow the same musical fashion of funky house-ters Hed Kandi and Defected, both of which are now well-ensconced in Ibiza. Like them, Dusted have paired off with the classier of London venues and are proud to name the luminary Norman Jay among their bookings. His colleague and new kid on the block Oliver Lang is young and enough of a looker to be in an 80s boy band but took the rather more sensible option of signing to the Serious dj booking agency who’ve been sending him everywhere from Austria to Thailand to Miami over the winter. Here’s what he had to type for himself.

Your dad was in a group called the Mindbenders. Did you really ever have a chance of escaping this lifestyle?

The Mindbenders wrote the original version of the Phil Collins hit

I’ve had many an opportunity to get out but have adamantly declined it every time. Music is in my blood and it’s all I ever wanted to do. I did toy with the idea of being a chef but soon forgot this when I found out you could do a degree in music technology. I think that was the real turning point for me.

Do you ever just feel like a nice cup of tea and lie down, or would you rather have it till dawn?

Fortunately I have quite good stamina. Of course when I’ve not slept properly for days and have been travelling for a long time then I have to immediately play a gig I do miss my bed. But I just know as soon as I walk into a club and feel the vibe of the crowd it brings me back to life again.

When does Dusted kick off?

Dusted is every Friday night at Eden starting on the June 10 and finishing on the September 9.

What made Dusted go to Eden? What kind a crowd are you hoping to attract?

Dusted has gone to Eden because they were presented with an opportunity to do something which hasn’t really been done in that club before. They are bringing some really exciting new and legendary underground house djs to play to a crowd who don’t usually get the opportunity to listen to this kind of music. It’s just more proof to the world that this more jackin' electro thing really is popular at the moment.

Would you agree that Eden has had credibility problems in the past?

I don’t think Eden has had credibility problems at all. It’s all down to what nights are in the club. This however does not mean that there aren’t any cool nights. We appeal to our target audience.

Why has Eden had problems attracting people from outside San An?

I think the reason for this is that they haven’t had a night for a while that appeals to the kind of person who holidays in Playa d’en Bossa or Ibiza Town. There is also far too much choice in Ibiza but you can see by Eden’s closing and opening parties that they do have a big Spanish following.

Now it's time to let rip as an ex-resident of Bora Bora. What happened there then?

I am to this day totally in the dark about what happened with Bora Bora. All I know is I was playing there on a Wednesday night and I came down for work the next day and the boss said there was no more music. Absolute wounder obviously.

Why did they get their license back? Did the disco mafia just decide they were ok after all, or what?

I’ve only heard rumours that Bora Bora has its license back. If it does, I would expect it only to be for the inside area. If they get music outside then that would be a gift sent from god.

Where else will you be playing in Ibiza?

I’m exclusive to Dusted. I feel as I'm the most regular resident it’s my duty to bring something special every week.

What was the tune you were played last time all the people in front of you went completely la la?

Hale Bop by Der Dritte Raum.

What's better, djing or sex?

Playing to an awesome crowd and then lots of sex.

Ever done both at the same time?

No. It would mess up my mixing.

Who was the last dj you saw which really impressed you?

Steve Lawler at his lights out party in Miami this year.