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Dj mag's top 100 poll dissected

Are popular djs actually any good?

The stadium-filling trancemeister Tiësto is due a fall. But his rise to unspeakable popularity - three wins in the last three years – begs a question. Does this widely-publicised poll reflect the actual opinion of the club going public or is it a better guide to what kids overly susceptible to hype liked for the five minutes it takes to vote?

The process is as anonymous and can be done online by anyone with an email address.

The Dutchman's domination has deflated interest in the award, but even this year we’ve received plug mails from the representatives of big jocks (Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Deep Dish, Nic Fanciulli), randoms (Sonny Wharton anybody?) and inbetweens.

Even Pokerflat, home of ze zeitgeisty minimal zound, exhorts surfers to vote for them.

However the competition has many detractors as well as fans. The backlash is already cutting on Dj mag’s own site.

One forum user proposed that the disgruntled among the 12,000 people who purchase the publication monthly (as opposed to the claimed 100,000 that vote in the poll) cancel their subscription if (real name) Tjis Verwest takes the top spot again.

Tim Sheridan @ Space - 2005Twisted Tim Sheridan (right), who played at the poll "launch" party, is sceptical.

"I should imagine the top 100 is very important to some big DJs, it is after all said and done, a career… it’s why they ask people to vote, get their organisations to rig it, managers agents and friends to cheat etc etc etc every single year. I’ve never been in it, voted on it or indeed even seen the results. Ever. and I never will. All I know about it is people try to get me to vote every year aand Tiesto always wins. I also know anyone I consider a good DJ is rarely in it."

Andrew Grant (photo: Mike M.)Circo Loco’s Andrew Grant (left) also cast aspersions on the validity of the process.

Why did you feel the need to send out an email asking people to vote for you?

Andrew Grant: I do it (more or less) just to keep my name in friends, partners, peoples heads once a while to say "Hey your friend Andrew Grant is still around".

Who will vote for you?

Probably not one soul realistically speaking, I would be lucky to get into the top 1,000. Considering the hype behind DC10 every resident should be in the top 200.

What does it matter anyway?

The votes don’t really count, the thought does. I think the DJays who get the top 100 and beyond ranking are chosen by hand not by the voting system.


Paul Van Dyk won! Check here for our lively forum debate