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Cream in Ibiza turns 10 – Get on it with the birthday big boys

Fellow decadent decadians Radio One to broadcast the Thursday, August 4th Amnesia gig as an Essential Mix.

The Liverpudlian clubbing brand have thrown so many uproarious parties in their ten years on the White Isle it hardly seems fair.

In the crazy golf match that is an Ibiza club season, Cream plays like Tiger Woods – out in front from the off and always keen to press home their advantage.

Literally millions of dance fans have made the pilgrimage to Amnesia on Thursdays and every single one has returned with tales of a packed house and an atmosphere so intense it’s close to indescribable.

The driving force in the sala principal is of course the music, as provided by the several of the most outrageously successful disc spinners in the world. The Dutchman Tiësto recently played at the Olympics in front of a billion or so and regularly takes out the top slot when it comes to fave dj polls. Englishman Paul Oakenfold was the arguably the first stadium dj whose production credits include work with Happy Mondays, U2, Massive Attack, Arrested Development, The Cure, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Simply Red (ahem), New Order, and The Shamen. On August 18 he returns to the club that made such a deep impression on him during his seminal visit in 1987.

Paul Van Dyk - July 14, 2005Alongside Carl Cox, Sasha and Fatboy Slim, they are the simply the hugest djs the world has ever seen. Of course there is one more - Paul Van Dyk (left), the 33-year-old German electronic music star who’s achievements as a dj and producer have seen him ascend into the celebrity stratosphere, having recently attended this year’s Grammy Awards as a nominee in the new Best Electronic/Dance Album category, for his LP ‘Reflections’.

“We were sitting with Usher and Gwen Stefani and all in the middle of everyone and everyone scream and these four guys came along and I didn’t really have a fucking clue who they were till I saw Bono and obviously it was U2,” he told us during his sound check in Amnesia last week. “I wouldn’t say I’m ignorant to the pop world, but I don’t know so much about it. So I probably was sitting next to big high pop stars and I don’t even know.”

So you don’t see yourself as part of the pop world?

Paul Van Dyk: First of all I see myself as a musician. I make the music without any compromises. If it is crossing over than fair enough, but on the other hand most of the pop world really is first of all driven by publicity, by being out there, being visible. And the next thing is, they make music too. For me it’s always the other way round. People who get in contact with me usually get in contact via my music first of all and then they find out who I look like and what I have to say.

One person who is probably more than aware of the pulling power of Herr Van Dyk and freunds is Mo Chaudry, director of Cream operations here in Ibiza. He’s delighted about the upcoming anniversary plans.

“Our August the 4th party will be a Radio One Essential Mix with the number one dj in the world, Tiësto, no? So that would be a very unique occasion. I don’t know when was the last time he’s done an Essential Mix. He’s very excited about it, we’ve very excited about it. That’s very interesting because we have the number one dj in the world followed by his potential rival, Eddie Halliwell.

"And also for one special occasion this year, which happens to be our birthday, we’ll have Tiësto will play the early set and Paul play his traditional set at the end. In between there'll be NU NRG live.

"On the terrace we’ve got Mylo doing a dj thing, and Jacques Lucont coming in to do a unique Cream Ibiza set and people like Touche coming in. It’s a very different sound, but we want to try something new on the terrace. I think it will be very successful. We’ve heard very good reports about Mylo, and I think Jacques Lucont is in demand, should we say. They'll be joined by Radio 1's Annie Mac."

Buy tickets now for the Cream Radio 1 Essential Mix

If that show communicates even a fraction of the pandemonium that ensues when Paul Van Dyk takes to the booth then bedrooms all across the UK will be wrecked by pogo-ing radio listeners. Amnesia is certain to be utterly mental.

We know, ‘cos we’ve seen it. Merely standing next to Paul Van Dyk when he makes his entrance into the dj booth is an experience comparable with sex. The Berlin-born jock sees that crowd reaction every week but unsurprisingly has yet to tire of it.

“That’s one of the most essential things for me about djing. Of course I have a very clear idea about the music I like to bring across and of my sound. The other thing is the interaction with the crowd. Of course I get the response and I feel what’s going on and I really appreciate it. This is what keeps me going.”

Van DykVan Dyk

Van DykVan Dyk

Of course it won’t just look amazing. The effect of the stacks of speakers is equally powerful.

Paul Van Dyk: The sound in Amnesia is amazing. I think it’s my fourth or fifth season and I have to say it improved every year and I have to say it’s amazing this year. And I already thought it was amazing. I am looking forward to next year.”

What is it about this room, the sala principal, that works so well?

It definitely has something to do with the layout. It’s not a typical square club or theatre style kind of thing. It has different levels and a lot of tiny corners and a main huge dance floor so that works very well. Another thing is that so many people from all over the world are coming together. You have people from Asia having a good time next to people from South America, to English people, to Dutch people, German people, people from Russia. All over the world, they’re all in this room and having a good time together.

How does it feel to be a German dj playing in a Spanish club for a night promoted by an English brand?

It just shows you how global electronic music really is. But I don’t think the people down in the club on the dance floor think ‘That’s that German guy’. To them I’m Paul. And this is what it’s all about. I’m not saying ‘Oh you that Asian person’. Wherever you come from we are all here to have a good time and listen to some high quality electronic music.

Is a good mix of nationalities important?

Obviously it’s fun everywhere, but I think that’s one thing that makes it that tiny little bit extra special. I play in Japan to a Japanese audience and they’re having a good time. I play to an English audience and they’re having a good time. It’s just that tiny little extra bit that makes it special out here.

from http://www.paulvandyk.deHow did The Love from Above (in Berlin on July 8) go?

Very, very good. Again it was one of those very outstanding sets by Sasha. We had Edgar V, one of my favourite djs from the States, as well as one of the best djs from German Rene Vaitl. He was over, asdn Marcos from the UK who already released two records on Vandit Records. It was very, very good.

Do you get out to the clubs much in Ibiza?

To be really honest I haven’t seen any other clubs. Well actually I saw Pacha about six, seven years ago when I played for the first time. Back then it wasn’t really my thing. The dj was playing on the side and people were coming by asking ‘Can I buy a t-shirt?’ It was kinda strange. I started playing here and to be honest there’s no reason for me to see any other club.

How did you get involved with that 2004 Motorola campaign?

They actually called my office. It was just as easy as that. We obviously had a very good understanding of what they need and what we would do. And I have to say the whole working relationship was really cool ‘cos it was much more treated like a music video. They had different treatments and all that kind of stuff. They didn’t make me doing things I would not have done.

What was it like being on tv all the time?

Most of the people thought ‘That’s just another face for Motorola’. You didn’t really know I’m making music or whatever.

What did you think of the result of the recent presidential elections in the US?

Different opinions. I support a more democratic future-directed government generally. I have to say that for me I didn’t really know what John Kerry's stand was. He was changing his opinion from when he was in the Senate. On the other hand the Conservatives got themselves into a hell of a lot of bullshit. I think they really should sort that out.


I’m a German citizen. I’m not even allowed to vote there, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to say who to vote for. What I said, and where I put my little power into, is democracy. Whoever you’re going to vote for, go and actually vote. This is democracy, this is what it’s all based on. Apparently the wrong ones won, but I try to see something positive in everything.

Is success important to you?

No. When I feel that song is coming across and what I wanted to bring across with that song is reaching someone, then the song is successful to me. If a thousand people buy it or ten million it doesn’t really matter artistically. Of course at some point it’s a financial issue but lucky enough everything works fine so far.

What have you left to achieve?

I’m very actively supporting to charity organisations. One is in India, Akanksha, based in Bombay. If there’s one thing I’d like to achieve is that those organisations are necessary.

What does a Vandit Session involve?

Vandit is our record label. We always try to bring the best of electronic music throughout the sessions we do our events our parties. And we just thought the last three years we done the residency here and it was like Tiësto and myself with guests, and we thought we should develop things further and that means we invite people like Marco V or Gabriel and Dresden, even Sasha and the guys from the NU NRG and many more to play with us here. I think that’s something that brings the whole thing back to the music.

What do clubbers get from going to Cream?

If we can make the people’s holiday a tiny little bit more interesting and fun, that’s great. And if we can give them a soundtrack as well, then even better. Ibiza is all about enjoying yourself and having a good time and we’re trying to deliver that with the most quality electronic music there is.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

To everyone on the island enjoy yourself and take all the positive vibes back to wherever you came from.

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