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It's a Wrap: final club report of 2004

Dj Awards, Pure Pacha closing, Space closing, Dc10 closing, cardiac arrest

The Ibiza 2004 closing parties have come and gone like a truck driven by a hit and run driver. Everybody in the way, either through accident or compelled by masochistic “mummy beat me it feels goodEurges, got mown down.

Dj Awards @ Pacha, Septiembre 30But those aren't the only reasons to get involved. We, for example, are also professionals. At this, or indeed most other times of year, we choose parties based on the likelihood of free entry for us and our mates. However the volume of complimentry stuff acquired, preferably booze, is also a contributing factor. Thus we were drawn to Pacha for their annual awards schmooze-up.

Dj Awards @ Pacha, September 30

There was a large and impatient crowd milling around the front of the club, but by utilising our special media powers we managed to convince people we were important enough to push in. Once inside we positioned ourselves close to the entrance point of the finger-food bearing waitresses, and stuffed our faces. Typically the flow of wine and victuals is stemmed after two hours, so the trick is get sloshed but only as much as the people who you might be required to network with. As expected, the event was chaotic but most everybody was there to cheer on their mates who might get the chance to accept a bit of “kryptoniteEor “radioactive snotE(Carl Cox's term) as recognition of their contribution to the season.


Martin Solveig accepts his award @ Pacha, Septiembre 30House: Roger Sanchez
Techno: Ken Ishii
Tech house/progressive: Steve Lawler
Hip hop/R'n'B/garage: Trevor Nelson
Trance: Paul Oakenfold
Best Newcomer: Nic Fanciulli
Ibiza dj: Tania Vulcano
Best Ibiza Bar: Dome

Final Scrach - Stanton

Martin Solveig (above) for his set at Defected @ El Divino

'Lola's Theme' by the Shapeshifters

Paul Oakenfold

Adam Shepherd, for the Pure Pacha creative


Darren Hughes, from We Love Space

/ Erick Morillo

Ok so they mostly give awards to people who play at Pacha, but whaddya expect. We couldn't stay for Danny Tenaglia's Be Yourself party due to an emergency electricity situation referred to previously, but from reports it was excellent.

Pure Pacha closing, October 1

Pure Pacha, Octubre 1This was the last night of Pacha's summer program. None of the big djs had regular nights after this but if last season is any indication there'll be a few jetting in to promote their 2005 summer residencies.

Pete and Pacha have chosen their guests wisely this year, and last Friday was no exception. Felix B (left) from Basement Jaxx and the experienced and popular Italian Claudio Coccolutto were on the bill and both are favourites with house heads. Felix was laying down some truly jacking rhythms when we arrived and even got on the mic to provide some effects-laden vocals for his final tracks. Then in old skool mobile dj-style he asked how we were all doing out there and signed off.

Pure Pacha, Octubre 1Claudio used the break to bring the bpms down to a little, but that didn't prevent the Pacha dancers pumping hard on their podiums. We didn't stick around for Mr Tong's set ‘cos we had to go to Space for the closing of La Comunidad, but it would have been nice to have stayed as Pure Pacha was probably a bit more fun.

Space closing weekend, Octubre 2 & 3

Saturday afternoon we went again to Playa d'en Bossa for Matinée closing, but decided on a quiet one on Saturday night so we'd be in a fit state for Space closing. To fresh eyes the line up was a mouth-watering one, but there was somewhat of a Groundhog Day feel for regular attendees. No-one's actively rubbish obviously but if variety is the spice of life then this was baby food.

Space closing, Octubre 3

Not that anybody seemed too bothered. The Dj mag Arena in particular really rocked. There's something really nice about dancing in the open air, even if you occasionally look down and see the white lines and realise you're actually getting down in the car park.

Jim in the Red Box @ Space closing, Octubre 3The terrace was again over full but there's nobody actually forcing you to squeeze yourself in there, especially now there are plenty of other areas to explore - the premier étage and the Red Box for example. The former is for chilling and the latter for heating up. Nastydirtysexmusic with Smokin' Jo and Tim Sheridan further enhanced their reputation by airing anthems that no-one else seems to have and if you were lucky you got a CD from one of the most potent musical pairings on the island. Next year they're destined to be even huger assuming Tim doesn't get taken down the cop shop on days or nights he's meant to be playing.

We ran out of steam in the Box round 5am and when back home settled into a jittery sleep in some vain attempt to prepare ourselves for the rigors to come.

Dc10 closing, Octubre 4Dc10 closing party, October 4

If the Space team are the Jedis of the clubbing world then Circo Loco @ Dc10 is the dark side. Like Lord Byron everybody involved is mad, bad or dangerous to know and usually all three.

The queue at 4pm had already doubled back on itself several times inside the car park and was most of the way down the side of the club that faces onto the road. The parking team had it all sussed tho so despite the heavy traffic at no point did it feel as if anybody was likely to get squished by the no. 11 to Salinas.

Marco @ Dc10 closing, Octubre 4The guest list had been ruthlessly pruned so the only way to avoid the 35€ cover charge was to attract the attention of the man with the appropriate wrist bands. Payers tho received a copy of the latest Dc10 CD, mixed by residents Cirillo and Tania Vulcano.

Like last year a large canvas pen had been erected in the carpark and the dj was housed down the end closest to the terrace. This beloved zone was not quiet as the music was piped in from next door, but the big booth at the end was not populated with the usual assortment of visibly uplifted stage-diving maniacs.

There was no opportunity for that sort of carry on outside. Jocks with elevated egos would not have been happy as the booth was at ground level and no-one apart from the dancing girls and the first couple of rows could actually see who was playing. We saw Loco Dice do that thing he does so well but apart from that the identities of the music selectors remained a mystery to us. But it was all good from what we heard and determinedly non-commercial, there was no Shape Avengers or Soul Unit Shifter Sisters or whatever.

Julia @ Dc10 closing, Octubre 4Tech heads were in train spotter heaven, but those who couldn't tell their M.A.N.D.Y. from their Mathew Jonson just gave themselves over to the beat and did whatever the voices in their head told them to. Mostly this meant dance, drink and smoke yourself silly.

Andrew Grant, on after midnight in the main room, had his laptop balanced precariously above the decks and was using it to emit sounds perhaps never heard before. It was heavy like metal but still retained that danceable edge. What happened after he finished we're not really sure. The muscles in our legs were still moving, but we weren't going anywhere. The lights were on but there was nobody in our building.

We do remember Joe from nastydirtysexmusic who shoved a flyer into our hands for their party at El Ayoun. “We're going to get this place closed down,Ehe said, grinning demonically.

We however were not there to witness the attempt. My flatmate attempted to literally shake me out of bed, and even made tea, but to no avail. The Ibiza High Season of 2004 was finished, for us anyway.

There's still stuff going on around the island tho. Km5 closes on Saturday and the Rock and Base suck their bars dry about halfway through this month. For drinkers October is probably one of the best months, the service is better for a start and the pace more manageable. We just saw Juan from Mao Rooms in Ibiza Town and he said call by, so we might just do that.