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Get more go with Mylo

It was number twos for the Sunday Best loons last Saturday. They'd booked Scottish bedroom producer Mylo whose music has memorably been described (by an Australian reviewer) as "music to ride 'roos too".

The second of the Sunday Best series of three free parties definitely ramped up a gear. Perhaps it was the energising breeze blowing onto Cap des Falcó, a new location for these peripatetic promoters, but this edition was packed with extra vim and vigour.

Cap des Falcó, Agosto 7

Even chill out vets A Man Called Adam rocked out for a bit with a grunty tune containing a breaks break and distorted guitars.

Max + Wild Things, by Maurice SendakFollowing them was underground chill out dj Patana and from there proceedings got progressively messier. Sunday Best is a bit rowdy but in a way mindful of the presence of children, who took full advantage of the wide open spaces and loud music to run around like Maurice Sendak's famous Wild Things (above).

myloThe arrival of the multi-musician-ed Mylo signal the commencement of the real wild rumpus. Mylo is a guy from the Isle of Skye, not a band apparently, and you've probably heard more of his songs than you can recall.

The one that stood out most for this reviewer was 'Destroy Rock and Roll', his first single. You know the one, with the crazy religious nut intoning the names of 1980s MTV stars which includes the hypnotic line “Missing Persons, Duran Duran” over what your dad would probably call "a good beat”.

Sophie Mac & Rob da Bank'Destroy…' really hums along actually, as did the rest of the house-y, jazzy, funk-laden set, all of which went down like sweeties for kiddies. They even banged out an extra number despite Mylo's stated claim that “we don't do encores. But we forgot one song.” The bonus tune then segued seamlessly into a set by Rob da Bank (right) who kept up the pace with ladles of left-field classics.

The last act of the night the Cuban Brothers were beset by sound problems, but who cares when you get to have a group sing-along to 'All You Need Is Love' by the Beatles. Hooray for hippies.

Agosto 7

The next (and final) instalment is on Septmber 18 and will feature Soul Mekanik, and Zero 7 doing a dj set.