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Roger Sanchez Release Yourself Opening @ Pacha, 23rd June

What better way to start off those bloody Mondays other than

Lou and Roger enjoy a backstage momentWhat better way to start off those bloody Mondays other than "releasing yourself"? Gracing the island of Ibiza for yet another year, the man himself Roger Sanchez, proved once again why he fills Pacha to near full capacity.

Kicking off his marathon eight-hour set the crowd were ecstatic as they reached for the ceiling as the very suave and sophisticated resident DJ cheekily puffed on the phatest cigar you've ever seen whilst knocking out his usual Sanchez remixes.

The atmosphere inside Pacha's whitewashed finca walls was enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as 3000 sexy clubbers soaked up that VIP feeling and witnessed what I think was probably the best set of 2003 so far. A truly explosive ending too with an excellent rendition of the classic "Another Chance" if you were still there at 7.30!

Hands together for Ibiza's admirable dance/entertainment troop Foci Fum who never seems to fail with all the chicest moves. If you didn't witness Release Yourself last year, you missed out?

And if you haven't got your ticket for at least one Monday session before September 22nd then why the hell not and a big slap on the wrists for you my friend.