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Alan Fitzpatrick hits the road with a house party tour

Fitzpatrick´s label, We Are The Brave, could be bringing the rave to your front room this spring.

As much as DJs spend their time cooped up in the booth, more often than not they want to be at the heart of the party like the rest of us. Techno and all round dance music addict, Alan Fitzpatrick, is one such artist, and he's touring this year with a very novel way of joining the anarchy.

This spring, Fitzpatrick is taking his label, We Are The Brave, across the UK with a very special house party tour kicking things off. In keeping with the label's ethos of no-nonsense, back-to-basics clubbing, he'll head out on 29 March for a three-day bus tour of the country, and drop into the homes of his crew's biggest fans to throw parties in whichever room is suitable for a good raving. Mi casa es tu casa, after all.

From there, it's straight-up standard touring with a run of club gigs in Manchester, London and Glasgow between 31 March and 27 May. Coming along for the ride is rising talent, Boxia, and new live performer, Vertical Act. And for those who like Fitzpatrick in large doses, each Brave rave will feature an extended showdown from the main himself, so plenty of carnage to guzzle on.

So far, that's all the details we have, but We Are The Brave will soon release sign up details for the house party tour, and confirm the venues for the club tour.

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