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Craig David returns to Ibiza Rocks in 2017

The smoothest singer in the land will return to Rocks with his TS5 pool parties.

In just about the greatest news surely any of us will hear this year, Ibiza Rocks has announced that Craig David will be bringing his acclaimed TS5 pool party back to the White Isle this summer. *Play it cool, play it cool, everyone remember to play it cool.*

This comes as no surprise to anyone who writhed semi-naked round the Rocks pool to Craig's 'Seven Days' last season, because his self-started party was the undisputed hit of the summer - selling out a massive eight dates, and producing new fangirls and boys by the screaming thousand.

This year, he'll head back to Rocks every Thursday from 20 July to 21 September, during which time he'll spin some tunes, sing a bit, rap a bit and generally just look quite fit. Needless to say, demand for these gigs will remain sky high. The main man had this to say about his return to the island:

“Last summer I had the best eight weeks of my life bringing TS5 to Ibiza Rocks and I can't wait to do it all again this year. The energy and reaction was insane and I'm beyond excited to get back out there this summer.”

It's now been 16 years since Craig David's debut album, Born To Do It, went to number one, so it seems fitting you all bag your tickets and sidle down to Rocks to celebrate that milestone. In the meantime, watch our 2016 interview with him here and try not to swoon.

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party listings - 2022

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party Opening Party

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party Closing Party

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