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Disciples' favourite Ibiza spots

The Together trio let us in on their favourite island hangouts

This feature is potentially a gift from God for all die-hard Disciples fans, because you will shortly know exactly where the trio hang out on the White Isle when they're not slaying DJ sets or bossing an after party. The London-based amigos have been touted by Mixmag as "destined for big things", and with the recent release of their new single, 'Daylight', and a summer as regulars at Together, we're inclined to agree. As the closing parties loom ever closer, (a bit like that mate that won't take no for an answer when it comes to raving), Disciples will help celebrate the end of this season's Together at Amnesia when they get behind the decks for the final time on Tuesday 20 September. We recommend you head there to catch them in action, but if not, try lurking outside one of the places they mention below - it's where you're most likely to catch them when they've got some well-deserved time off on la isla.


"A restaurant we always seem to head to for dinner just before we hit Amnesia. Amazing food and women!"

Sunset Ashram

"Now, guys - if you've been speaking to a lady for a while and decided to fly her out to Ibiza, the first restaurant you have to take her to is Sunset Ashram. Book a table an hour before sunset and be prepared to see an amazing view."


"What can we say - it's the best club on the island; the best club in the WORLD. We've had the blessing of being on the Tuesday Together line up for the whole summer! Hope to see you for the closing on the 20 September!"

Hard Rock Hotel

"We recently stayed at Hard Rock for the first time and it's amazing, inside and out. Definitely somewhere to stay when you want to stay close to Ibiza's nightlife."


"Be a part of history this summer as Space itself is coming to an end after 27 years. Do anything you can to get into Carl Cox's closing party and other Space events."

Our hotel room

"There always seems to be an after party there no matter what time of the day…"

WORDS | Ruby Munslow

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