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Five reasons why we'll miss Coxy at Space Ibiza

King of our hearts, king of the Discoteca

We're now nine weeks into Carl Cox's final takedown of Tuesdays at Space and the rising feeling of panic that's attached to us inching closer and closer to what will be an almighty farewell party is becoming intense. There's a huge amount of love and devotion thrown at the booth when Coxy's playing and the void that will be left at the end of this season - after an astounding 15 years at the club - can't be filled. But, we're not all doom and gloom here because there are six weeks left to give Music Is Revolution The Final Chapter a rinsing. Here's our lowdown on why we love the big man and why we must shift our rear ends to the front of the show in its remaining few weeks.

Devoted fanboys

You know you're considered something pretty special to our dear planet when your face is permanently tattooed on fan's bodies, and I've seen a fair few Coxy limbs raving through Space's chambers of late. Across the board, a vast majority of DJs who stalk Ibiza with their box of track tricks gather a following, but very few have a gang of fans as intense and loyal as Carl Cox. Sure, there are people there simply because they know it's a monster of a night, but there's a reason why he's reached such pedestalled status, and everyone knows exactly what they're there for – a beast of a party at the hands of a master.

Big guests

It's not just the punters who're mad about one of the most charming DJs in the business, it's also the gunners behind the decks who hold the British bastion so close to their beating hearts. Ibiza's been his spiritual home for 15 years, but he´s been raving and roaring for nearly three decades and in that time, as a charismatic force of nature, he's made solid friendships with plenty of veterans from the dance scene. It isn't just a case of Coxy chapping at their door to request an appearance - DJs across the planet line up to dismantle the dance floor under Coxy's Ibiza operation. This year is extra special of course, with the likes of Francois K, Danny Tenaglia, Masters At Work, Erick Morillo, Sasha, John Digweed, Fatboy Slim and Josh Wink all signing in for one last show.

Community feeling

Plenty of parties crank out blistering tunes that have your eyeballs throbbing and hearts racing, but at the core of any party worth its salt, there has to be a special feeling – a collectiveness. It's all about those good vibes and after 15 years in the game, it's needless to say that Music Is Revolution has it nailed - you go in there and you feel a part of something. You might not be able to physically grab it and keep hold of it, but you can feel it and that's all we need.

A tank full of tunes and knowledge

A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house; a champion of techno; a dance music pioneer; a label owner – Coxy's done the lot. He first bagged a set of turntables at the age of 15, rode the British rave scene and never lost his relevance within the dance scene. Our Coxy knows his stuff and to have him giving it to us good across 15 seasons is a complete and utter honour.

Space and Pepe Roselló

This list wouldn't be complete without giving a mention to the club itself and the visionary behind it - Pepe Roselló. He's been at the helm of Space for the entirety of its 27-year tenure and his love for the music and the people who enter those doors is as impassioned as Coxy's. Roselló gave Coxy the trust and the freedom to do what he wanted and play what he wanted – no questions. If it wasn't for that trust, the Coxy phenomenon would never have happened. On Tuesdays, Space becomes Coxy's home and Roselló is more than a hospitable host. Plus, their public bromance is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

And to see the list off, let's create some special moments...

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