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Space Ibiza 27th anniversary line-up 2016

One last time for the balloons and streamers at Space's 27th birthday

Aside from every single night at Space being a big-ass cause for celebration this year, its 27th birthday is set to be an off the scale, meteoric party.

This Sunday 24 July will be the last ever anniversary for the island's most iconic club and we don't need to drill in how momentous that is for clubbers across the planet. Flying in to give each and every one of us an ambushing of salacious sonic sounds is a gaggle of Ibiza stalwarts and global names. On the list we have Technasia, Camilo Franco, Jason Bye and Andy Baxter B2B, Ernesto Altes, Richy Ahmed and waFF B2B, David Moreno, Ramon Castells and Chris44, among many more.

Tunes, happy faces and good vibes, it's the only place to be this Sunday.

Tickets up for grabs now.

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