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Why Sundays at Space is an Ibiza must

Exactly why Sundays at Space should be your 2016 staple

Sundays have been all about Space for decades, and in its final (sob) 27th year, we've got them back in all their glory. Sundays at Space have billed a stellar programme with a closeknit crew of DJs flying in to put Sundays at the forefront of the clubbing calendar. Every week should be treated as a highlight, so expect smiles, tears, hugs and kisses from strangers, as well as a vibe you've never experienced before inside the club. Here's our run down of what we expect to fire Sundays At Space into the stratosphere of supremecy this summer.

Sunset Terrace sessions

Space's Flagship Sunday sessions began in 1999 and became synonymous with Space. Pepe Roselló had a vision and he pushed the boundaries head-on with 22-hour marathon sessions that had us cheering at the raging noise of overflying aircraft, with sunshine doused dance floor moments that shaped the quintessential Ibiza we know, love and rave about. Sundays At Space is harking back to those earlier years of daytime hedonism by opening the doors at 7 PM, which gives you two solid hours of scooching under the sunshine. Sure you can rally the moves in other open-air venues in Ibiza, and though Space is now partially roofed, the audible thunder of those plane engines while the sun's rays explode onto the dance floor will be what makes Sundays special in its final year. Those moments can't be replicated elsewhere - Space is an iconic beast on this island - and this is your last opportunity to experience some of the magic that came to define our beloved island. If daytime merriment is on your agenda, you can bag a ticket for just 20€ for entry before 10 PM.

Kevin Saunderson & Stacey Pullen, 26 June

Without Detroit's techno architects of the 1980s, what we'd be losing our minds and body to on the dance floor has a massive question mark above it. Sure, we'd be slappin' on a bit of house and quite possibly even a bit of disco, but if the likes of Kevin Saunderson of The Belleville Three hadn't been inspired by the harsh realities of living in a city distraught with urban decay, would clubbing be a recreational sport like it is now? Who knows. But there's no need to burrow so deep into the what ifs when we can just dance like lunatics to the restless techno beats of Detroit. Kevin Saunderson, an originator from the first wave of Detroit techno, and Stacey Pullen, an innovator from the second wave, will be landing for a piece of Sundays At Space to tear down the Discoteca this Sunday 26 June. Miss it, miss out.

2ManyDJs, 14 August

It was their album, As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2, that put the Belgian brothers on the map. The Stooges and Salt 'N' Pepa? Nah. But that was exactly what they did and it was a total revelation for dance music craft. The prolific duo have been tracking Ibiza's musical landscape for over a decade and they've held a particular soft spot for Sunday sessions at Space during that time. Their second and last gig on 14 August at Sundays At Space will be a biggie for them and a chance to salute the club with their trademark inventive wand.

The Black Madonna, 7 August

Bunched between a small selection of DC-10 dates, The Black Madonna is earmarked for a Sundays At Space appearance in August. The Chicago-based punk DJ and producer who's enjoying more leverage in Europe, specialises in celebratory disco and raw and provocative house, which is a little rare in the current techno-heavy climate. She once said, "Dance music needs riot grrrls. Dance music needs Patti Smith. It needs DJ Sprinkles. Dance music needs some discomfort with its euphoria. Dance music needs salt in its wounds. Dance music needs women over the age of 40. Dance music needs poor people and people who don't have the right shoes to get into the club. Dance music needs shirts without collars.” Let's see how much of that we can pack into Space on 7 August.

Annie Mac Amp & The Jackathon takeover, 7 August and 4 September

The curly-haired crew are coming for you in the form of Annie Mac and Heidi, who with their branded parties Amp & The Jackathon, are leading their selected posse into the dark, twisted belly of Space's Discoteca. Included on the list of illustrious names joining them is Derrick Carter, Dusky, Patrick Topping, The Black Madonna, Daniel Avery, Jimmy Edgar and Paranoid London (live). Decent.

Do Not Sleep on the Terraza

Do Not Sleep left last season on a high energy buzz of being one of 2015's leading parties. After closing the season at Vista Club, the crew was invited to Space for one final night of the top shelf tech house stuff. The final gig was a sell out and its potential at a bigger club was realised. With Darius Syrossian at the helm, Do Not Sleep stands against the VIP culture and is all about the principle that music is for the lot of us – no matter how many coins are in your silk drawstrings. Guests who've already given house and techno a stirring alongside Syrossian include Nick Curly, Deetron, Guti, Yousef, Derrick Carter and Kenny Glasgow. If you're a believer in sleeping being a waste of potential raving time, get involved.

Ibiza Spotlight El Salon takeovers

Ibiza Spotlight is getting involved in the action by surging forward with several takeovers of El Salon - the intimate side room that always seems to induce plenty of silliness and oodles of smiles. We'll next be showing our faces on 10 July with vinyl masters, Jaime Fiorito and Joan Aloy. Then on 14 August it's all about us, balloons and party poppers, as we celebrate Spotlight's 40th anniversary - a milestone you should definitely note down in your diaries. Finally, we're also on closing duties on 25 September and we've pulled in Pional, Marc Piñol and Daniel Baughman for the Hivern Discs Showcase. That's a tight trio of tastemakers, so pop your heads in, get involved and show us some love – all of it.

Sundays At Space closing party, 25 September

The club's closing party is the biggie, but hot on its tails is this baby, which still holds down a sentimental tie to the island. As well as our El Salon takeover (another shameless plug), the climactic fiesta is bringing in a selection of powerhouse Space devotees including Andy Baxter, Anja Schneider, CJ Mackintosh, Darius Syrossian, Derrick Carter, DJ Callum, Jason Bye, Josh Wink, Paul Reynolds, Steve Bug, Mo' Funk and Sean Hughes. It'll be a sad farewell but one that's characterised by that classic Sundays at Space madness. There's no better way to bid adieu to Space Sunday sessions than with a nod to its hedonistic spirit, so come with yours by the bucketload.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman, Marc De Groot, Space, Nel G, Rob Walbers

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