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Paris Hilton back in Ibiza with Foam & Diamonds

Amnesia welcomes back its blonde bombshell for a fourth round.

She once said, “It's not my fault if people are still obsessed with me” and after leading three summer residencies in not just one of Ibiza's, but the planet's best clubs, she's doing something right. Paris Hilton, the blonde bombshell who no doubt welcomes the fact that she has the Marmite effect, is back at Amnesia for her fourth consecutive year from Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 3rd September.

Foam & Diamonds will haul in the glamour and set off the cannons in Amnesia's main room for another extravagant summer. Wherever your opinion lies on the subject of Paris' kingdom, all she wants to do is throw a massive fiesta for thousands of people. Consider it knocking round to your mate's house for a party, except your mate is absolutely minted.

Extravagance would be the key word here so wear something cute for the glam babe. She believes that some women are born with glitter in their veins, so get it out.

*NOTE: On Saturdays, the terrace will be hosted by Barcelona party Matinée. It's a gay friendly affair loaded with house music and every week it boasts a different theme. Your ticket includes entry to both, so you can cut between the two full-on parties and never be at a loss for quality entertainment.

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