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Amnesia changes 2016 opening party date

Amnesia is extending the season then...

Well, well, well. We'd already given you the date for this bad boy to get your juices flowing and the hard hats purchased, but we've some news for you. Amnesia's opening date has been brought forward by two weeks, putting it now at 14th May.

The reason? With so many opening parties around that date, Amnesia have elected to give themselves some breathing space and extend the clubbing season by a couple of weeks, and so the summer feeling is set to hit earlier in more ways than just rising temperatures. While the much anticipated line-up is still in the air, Amnesia has promised a unprecedented legion of artists for this opening battle of the season. Admittedly, some may have already got their planes booked for the original weekend date, but Amnesia's team has promised that the line-up will "repay this inconvenience in a way that you wouldn't even imagine". Bold, bold stuff and we bet your imaginations will be driven mad by that statement.

Tickets will be sold at the doorno presale.

Amnesia Opening Party listings - 2023

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