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Amnesia Ibiza teases with 2016 opening date

The San Rafael club has given us the date to book for its opening party.

Amnesia is preparing to vault over spring into summer for its 40th season and the action packed opening has just been announced for 28th May. The first dance into the summer season is always a heavy, heavy affair when the most gallant of clubbers grab a hold of each other to see it through to the early hours.

You don't have to question what's on the bill, when have you ever doubted that it's going to fall short of airing delicious music and giving you the tools to create another unforgettable night of raving? Never in its four decade spanning existence have you mistrusted Amnesia's opening. Last year, clubbers signed up for the mixing skills of Maxeo Plex, Apollonia, Betoko, Eats Everything, George Fitzgerald, Guy Gerber, Hot Since 82, Mar T, Richy Ahmed and residents Les Schmitz and Caal Smile.

Let the guessing name games commence and when you've got a minute, get your flights in the bag.

More information as soon as we have it in our clutches.

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