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Sankeys opens start of May 2016

Earlybird tickets and more details via the link.

One of the challenges Ibiza faces is the limited length of the peak season. The island remains here over the winter, as do many of the people, but the party - for the most part - is taken to other corners of the globe along with many people's livelihoods. For years there has been talk of extending the season, to the benefit of the island's economy, the businesses which support it and the people who work there. However, mere days have been added as this party opens a few days earlier, that party closes a few days later, and we're now only a few weeks longer than say, 5 years ago.

However, no real progress has been made and June til' September are still the main months, with a handful of parties extending beyond that. Now, finally, a solid step in the right direction has been made as Sankeys announces that they will open on 1st May 2016 - adding on almost an entire month to the season. This in addition to the parties they continue to throw over the winter months.

"For many years there has always been talk about extending the Ibiza clubbing season. After five years of being here, nothing has changed it was just "blah blah blah" so I thought to myself, fuck it, I'll do it. I like a challenge and I want to progressively push the island I love forward whilst creating a legacy like I did in Manchester! May the 1st be with you" - David Vincent, Sankeys Owner

The 1 day, 12 hour, special event kicks off at 6:30pm, continuing until 6:30am and includes a free BBQ on the roof terrace. Further details are yet to be revealed, expect something naughty though.

Tickets are available now for the super earlybird price of 15€ until the end of the year. We'll come at you with more info soon enough. For now, enjoy the Star Wars theme **vvvzoooom vvvzzzooom (lightsaber noises)

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