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Carl Cox's 15th and final season announced

Let the Final Chapter begin, but never end.

It's been some of the biggest news to come out of the island since the close of the 2015 season - Carl Cox is leaving Space after the 2016 season, after which the club goes into a state of transition with the changing of the guard.

So, next year will be Carl's 15th season and, whilst most details are being kept under wraps, plans are in motion to ensure his 15 year club residency at Space is celebrated with the appropriate level of nostalgia, whilst still retaining a nod to the support of new and upcoming talent he has always had.

To the nostalgia then: Coxy plans to bring some of the finest artists to have played alongside him across his 15 year history with Space back to the table throughout the season, of which there are plenty to choose from... so, you can expect some of the biggest line-ups the island has seen with some truly emotional moments along the way.

As they say, "Starting out in 2001 with just 6 nights, his residency grew and adapted as the club did, so it's fitting it draws to a close as Space itself moves into a new chapter."

The opening party takes place on Tuesday 14th June and closes out on 20th September.

Let the Final Chapter begin but never end.

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