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International haunts for a Halloween howler

Whether you prefer to be titilated or terrified on Halloween, we´ve got a cauldron of proposals that should do both.

Halloween gives the masses of adults globe wide an excuse for an overloaded blood coated ´knees-up´ to indulge in whatever their spook. But to take a phantom led walk through the centuries you'll find it was still a celebration but without the marchings of troops stuffed into latex nurse aprons or furry Gonzo suits. The date straddled the line between autumn and winter, symbolising plenty and paucity and life and death, and for the ancient Celts the festival of Samhain (as it was once known) was a time of celebration and superstition. The first day of November marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold Winter. To put it grimly, as a consequence it was a time of many a death. Many, many a death.

On October 31st it was believed that the boundary that kept the living souls separated from the dead became blurred and down they swooped to cause sheer havoc and damage the crops. It was believed, however, that with the spirits' menacing presence the Druids could make accurate predictions about the future - which at that time was a bag of comfort and direction during the dark season. Bonfires were built, crops were burnt, animals were sacricifed for the Druids, costumes of animal heads and skins were worn and fortunes were told.

There´s a fascinating history to this holiday - we could bridge the gap between wearing dead animal heads and Gingerbread Man skulls for example - but you´re ultimately here for the ´knees-up´info overload, so we´re sacking the history lesson there to roll on with what you want to know. Now Halloween is a cracker in Ibiza, our information on that coming soon, but many of you have long-gone from the island to wherever it is you currently call the Mothership, and if that´s Europe based then this hit list on where to bob your apples is your ghoulish guy.


The Spanish city of the most fiendish of fiestas puts on a decent city spread show for the Halloween blow out. The spook-outs begin on the Friday 30th and die out on Sunday 1st. It was a tough one making the call on THE ONE to direct you to because they´re aplenty but it´s got to be Brunch Electronik with Omar-S, Rebolledo, Octave One, Barnt, Radio Slave, DJ Fra and Maurice Aymard. What makes the one so alarmingly special? It´s the venue, Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol, which is atop the mountain of Montjuïc and is Barcelona´s biggest open air space which puts up the heaviest of the heavyweights during the likes of beastly festival, Sonar.
It´s not all about the tunage, as they´ll also have the design market with the best local brands and some tasty nosh if you´re not craving the blood of your amigos.

When: Saturday 31st October 12:00 – 04:00
Where: Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol. Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia
Cost: 13€/15€


The Danes know how to give it some. Proof is in the presence of “morning bars” where you can engage in human wastage from 3am until 10am. The electronica connoisseurs amongst you swarm to Copenhagen´s Culture Box which is on top of its grizzly game in lining up a bill of impressive local and international DJs for sessions dipped in electro, techno, house and drum ´n´bass. Its three rooms this year are being sucked dry for Halloween and a night full of fear - maybe some loathing. You can decide the measurements. DJ attractions include Mashti & Jean Von Baden, Bongo & Pusk, Daniel San, Kim Kemi, Christian Sanchez and Reimert. Good on the auditory levels but the eyeballs will also be in for a spearing with them set to scare the living sh*ts out of you with special effects. This city has a dark history so expect the marvously morbid.
Note: pay an early visit to the White Box that starts the nightmare at 9pm with deep, cold (slaughter) house music played by Düring and Crizzy.

When: Saturday 31st October from 21:00
Where: Culture Box Kronprinsessegade 54,
Cost: 80DKK


Berlin…ah the big beast that is Berlin. You might expect this to go all out techno but some of the treasures such as Berghain, Tresor, Watergate and Cassiopeia aren´t particularly arsed about giving you the hair raised tingles. One venue that is inserting the fear factor however is Trust Bar with its Shakespearean inspired night, Hell is Empty & all the Devils are Here. This quote from the first act of William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', should serve as tempation for the venue which oozes with cool, bohemian and hedonistic vibes and has lined up for the thrilling Lady Blacktronika, Norman Methner, Carlos de Brito and Waynette. We reckon you should trust them to have you feeding off those vibes like serial killers feed off garden tool catalogues.

Where: Trust Bar Neue Promenade 10 / Corner Kleine Präsidenten Str
When: Saturday 31st October
Cost: tba


An Italian city nestled well above the heel of the boot where its ancient people of many century ago were attacked in a three day siege by a dude cheerfully named Hannibal Barca. Some more history for you buffs, but it´s daringly appropriate considering the most well known Hannibal we know of is a fictional human flesh eating psychopath which leads neatly into Halloween. Now this festive input is an absolute skull dropping mouth ripper. Movement Torino Music Festival has got the big men with the techno treats to trick you into some state of musical ecstasy and let that be no yolking of exaggeration. Alan Fitzpatrick, Chris Liebing, Derrick May, Floorplan, Llario Alicante, Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Mano Le Tough, Kevin Saunderson, Len Faki, Marcel Fengler, Mathew Jonson and Nina Kraviz are just some of them. That´s some roudy vein spurting ridiculousness there, and just too many to highlight.

When: Saturday 31st October 18:00 – 6:00
Where: Lingotto Fiere exhibition centre Via Nizza 294, 10126 Torino
Cost: €41+


Glasgow, the Scottish culture capital that could kill you merely through banter overload, also knows a thing or two about techno. Together, it´s some potion. Its infamous Pressure party is this year going to be hauntin´the hawks out of you at warehouse space SWG3. Full of some absolute spooks, freaks and weirdos, this one has a proper juicy filling. On the brain roasting roster are legendary residents Slam and special guests, Berlin-based DJ and producer Peter Van Hoesen and Australian force Bella Sarris. Get your slimy cape out the gutter ya bunch of spooky creeps.

Where: SWG3 Glasgow 100 East Vale Place
When: Saturday 31st October
Cost: £15+

Sharpen your fangs on your granny´s tea cosy and limber up, it´s going to be an all-out terrifying, scream-pumped titilation of tunage.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence

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