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Review: Carl Cox Music is Revolution closing at Space, 2015

The revolution has harmonised.

Being on review duties for a night that week after week has laid down the magic carpet to transdimensional space goatdom is quite the charmer. It's the kind of techno drenched music spectacle that could write itself, but it can't so here we go, for both the Coxy attendees and the absentees.

Music Is Revolution's almighty climax was on at Space and with the final thrusting line-up boasting Loco Dice, tINI, Monika Kruse, DJ Sneak and Just Be, it had Bossa buzzing. Space was swarming from the get go and by 2am it was mobbed. A quick breeze through the Terraza and I got straight involved in the Discoteca for Loco Dice trying to find a spot with a spare few inches either side and after finding a 6ft11 Scotsman, it was mission complete. Hiding under this centimetre climber was just the ticket; job done.

For the summer slummers here, you might have seen or heard about the teddy bear pair I spotted way back at the beginning of the season at the Cream opening. Both of them have their own “party bears” which is very endearing. They've been spotted all over the shop, but I hadn't seen the party bear pair for months and then who do you know, the Paddington's come smashing past me, beasting into the crowd and never seen again. I was kind of gutted; I wanted to see how the party bears gave it big licks to Coxy. Just have to imagine eh. The tunes were in the supreme category, in there with the sex that is Nina Kraviz's Ghetto Kraviz (Steve Rachmad's Jack Mix) and the sensually soulful that is Michel Cleis and Klement Bonelli's Marvinello. As much as Loco Dice was holding some grasp on the ear drums, I took a moment to check out the Terraza again which was now Monika Kruse's showroom. The curly mop haired techno stalwart queen was cutting the fabric loose to a sweat infested room with Kydus' momentum builder Transatlantic and Eats Everything's rework of Tiga and Audion's Dancing.

Back in the big chamber I got sight of another character that's held my fascination. He might not be the legendary hippy long haired Messiah or Amnesia's equally legendary teddy holding DJ booth belter but he is a character nonetheless. Not sure what his crack is but he's always out there standing painstakingly motionless in a suit. When I say motionless, it's like he's in a game of musical statues with himself. For hours this guy doesn't move man. I don't even think he blinks. Dry techno eyes at HYTE, ENTER, Cocoon and here. I stood still and watched him standing still then turned the attention back onto the booth which by this point was being controlled by Loco Dice and Coxy who were joining ferocious forces to cave in our minds with the blinders.

If only I could provide you with a full packed tracklist. I'm more than 99.9% sure I heard the vocal sample from Shaggy's It Wasn't Me and if the slowed down sample was Shaggy, that sh*t worked. The big ones taking it up a gear, the moments when the crowd exhales in proper ecstasy were Literon's echo hooked White Falls, Boris' aggresive track Engage, Roman Flugel's bouncingly energetic More and More and More and Victor Calderone's Rising Sun. Coxy is a legend and his booming voice is one that screams of passion and chrisma. Ever grateful to the crowd for making his parties what they are, he gave out heavings of appreciation over the mic – a chance to hear his booming voice that reeks of charismatic personality.

I reckon his parties have been hitting a close around 8.30 but he went in well past this. It had been a forest through the paths of the fresh but he came in with some real classics; early '90s dance smash Money Talks went down a proper storm with the huge crowd that were making it known they weren't sliding out the exit until the final second. And the final seconds were played in with Solomun's sub heavy Vox mix of Noir's Around. Loco Dice and Coxy make a real team behind the noise machine but it is Coxy's night and he gave out one final shout out to everyone who has made this season as what I think can only be taken as another belter season for him.

Music is Revolution might have come to a crashing close but he hasn't fully let his grip go on Ibiza as he'll be returning to Space to blaze in with the club's closing party with a set which has become the thing of legends.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | Carl Cox at Space

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