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Review: Flower Power at Destino, 8th August

Copious good vibes with an added bonus of fireworks

Flower Power at Pacha has long been an island favourite. Based on the anti-violence movement of the sixties and seventies, the party provides music largely dating from this time, offering a getaway from what you'll typically hear on a night out in Ibiza. Hippie-type folk ascended to Destino for Flower Power's thrown event on a mission to spread peace and love on Saturday. Being the same date, a fireworks display takes place down at the Port to mark Sant Ciriac, midnight equaled looking down upon a brilliant sight.

After admiring the two classic VW Beatles plotted upon entrance, I wasted no time getting into the theme, having a peace and om symbol drawn onto my cheek and arm. The weather had been muggy with a spell of rain after 7pm, not that it dampened the mood, as inside the resort flower children are bathing in the sonics, sights, and smells of the sixties and seventies. I was clutching flowers freely distributed while grooving to the likes of I Get Around by The Beach Boys and Lulu's Shout. The resort had been kitted out with the full spectrum of colours, nets draped with hanging decorations of love hearts, flowers, and peace signs, with pink heart confetti covering the back half of the dance floor. The psychedelic drenched décor was matched with a feel good, extravagant atmosphere from the vibrant crowd wearing flower shorts and hairbands. There was a faint aroma of marijuana (damn hippies!!) and as the piano riff to Imagine drifted in, people waved their hands clasped into V signs accordingly.

You know when you walk towards a pool and suddenly notice a man in the sky? Yup, someone was casually flyboarding above the pool in a glittery bodysuit doing acrobatics. The Doors' Light My Fire sounded out the speakers as bubbles floated around the stage in the final hour, disco music following with Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams and Freak Out by Chic. A rally had suddenly appeared with placards stating 'say yes to the music' and ‘more food'. Next thing you know, two motorbikes are revving, encouraging paths to appear amongst the bodies circling the area to Born To Be Wild. At midnight the music ceased in time for the fireworks, the sparkling skies saw ooohs and awws unconsciously voiced in kind. Fifteen minutes later the last of the fireworks fell, the light fading away for cheers and clapping to follow.

The effort into the production design and entertainment for the event was remarkable, with copious good vibes, the added extra of witnessing the sky's display making it all the more special. An after party was about to kick off downstairs in Tox, signs inside reading: What happens in Tox, stays in Tox. So I'll have to leave the details to your imagination.

WORDS | Emma Gillett PHOTOGRAPHY | Destino/Flower Power

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