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Review: SupermartXé at Privilege, 3rd July

A crotch full of thrust at the Privilege castle.

SupermartXé is an erotically enthused extravaganza, a sensory overdrive that leaves you unsure of whether your ear canals or eye sockets took more of a welcomed ambushing. A castle theme took to the Privilege stage with a custom of bondage clad theatricals holding the show in front of its brick walls and turrets. Black leather strapped male and female dancers gyrated as flexible limbed dancers splashed water onto the front packed audience from their large water filled cocktail glasses and rope spinning suspended acrobats entertained the back frontiers of revelers.

It was a well packed night for the camped-up affair, with people of all ages, all nations and all orientations streaming through the doors to give it some welly to high charged commercial dance smash hits from Brian Cross, Yves V, Abel The Kid, Alex Guerro and Javi Reina. Highly energised whompers from EDM chart toppers with a high frequency of crowd-gathering drops seems to go hand in hand with the titillating stage performers feeding off the clubbers energy and vice verca.

With a foray of flexed sex commanding the main room, for a second year running, the adjoining Vista Club is taking on the 100% gay only party, Superman, which is flexing its own kind of sex. Sequin stocked sailor boy dancers led the electro-house vibe and with it only opening at 5am, from the numbers piled in at 5.15am, it's obvious this party is in just as much high demand. And of course, a 100% gay only party wouldn't be such without the offering of the layers of a dark room to get together with some like-minded folks to discuss the weather and local delicacies…

SupermartXé is the definition of fiesta. If you're looking for the grandest of grand parties this season, this is the Friday night haunt which should top your list of summer lust.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | Privilege/

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