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Review: Lost In Ibiza boat party + Paradise opening at DC10, 2015

An equator of pleasure as Jamie Jones resumes his utopian residency.

Lost in Ibiza boat party.

One of Ibiza's most highly anticipated ear fests surged in yesterday atop the waves with Lost in Ibiza hosting its maratime house session. With the Funktion 1 sound system ready, a double decker liner filled and complimentary sangrias passed, without further ado we were off on a sea-charged sonic crusade with Rob Marmot and DC10 resident, Clive Henry. It was a Brit packed music loving affair, all troopers up and minglin', giving it big licks as we were blessed with calm waters – though from previous experience, a choppy job is no deterrent. A heavy stream of tracks came from Clive including Okain's Scream (Nina Kraviz Remix) and Levon Vincent's Games Dub.

Catalogue of decadent tech-house, sun setting, sea-skimming dolphins spotted, and seagulls fed with Ritz Crackers – all out success in everyone's book. The mood was perfectly set for an amplified chaotic DC10 affair...

It's time for paradise baby.

Paradise at DC10

DC10 for me is total paradise on another level. I'm already calling it paradise, so tackling a review for the opening launcher of Jamie Jones' fifth season with the now titled, A Planet Called Paradise, was a peach. A stonker of a cutting edge line-up was in-stock including Ryan Elliot, Mathew Jonson, Maya Jane Coles, Àme and to see in the sunrise, a b2b with Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers.

Three casualties were already parked up outside the entrance at the 2am mark with no chance of their recovery – gutter. The place was mobbed all over, with the main room offering a little bit more oxygen intake space while first on, Ryan Elliot tempered the place with the heavily kick drumming beauty, Let's Ride by Floorplan. As per, the place was absolutely buzzin' and I was heavily placed with the choice of which room to choose for fear of missing out. But you can be guaranteed they're both on an even keel for quality. If I could switch my sensory roles and eat the beats I heard smacking off every surface, I'd have a horrendous case of indigestion.

Sharing timeslots in adjoining rooms were Maya Jane Coles feeding the basslines and Mathew Johnson reducing the waistlines with a succession of tracks which packed gnarly force. As I sliced in to see Jamie Jones power through with The Martinez Brothers, I do have to point out one sole complaint. It was just heaving. I like my space, I don't enjoy battling for it and being constantly jostled which unfortunately is commonplace in DC10. So after a session with the terrace team I found myself back in the main room with waFF weaving beautifully atmospheric waves over crashing basslines before I again returned to the terrace to hear Ricardo Villalobos' king track MDMA beating through. By this point the capacity had eased and I found myself a good spot in front of the booth for freer rein, where I stayed until the final sweaty end.

A Planet Called Paradise has been an island regular and favourite for several years now and from gauging this opening, it's going to stay that way. Spotlight sells Lost In Ibiza boat party tickets which include entry to Paradise at DC, so if you fancy doing the double header too, click here.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | Tasya Menaker

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