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Audiojack to throw fortnightly free parties

Things are about to get shaken up…

UK duo Audiojack are planning their own parties for Sunday evenings during their time in Ibiza this summer. Now, while DJs hosting nights is nothing new, putting them on for free on the regular is a brilliant new phenomenon in Ibiza, Audiojack steering away from the beach party trend in favour of good old fashioned house party vibes. As they reject the high door fees seen across the island, the Sunday Social parties will centre on a free-spirited ethos and plenty of solid tunage.

Hosted at Veto, located just down the road from Pacha, the Audiojack boys have been drawn in by its intimate dancefloor and outdoor terrace. At the first party taking place this upcoming Sunday July 5th, you can expect Audiojack to play for a good few hours. The next dates are set as July 19th, August 2nd, and August 16th. The pair describe it as: ‘a bit crazy and disorganised', wanting to liken it a house party. Surprise guests shall jump behind the decks, delving into their collection to deliver groovy, deep, and techy vibes.

This announcement comes three days after Audiojack voicing disdain on the price for a VIP table in certain clubs. The boys from Leeds even promise drinks at around €5, and we'll sure be holding them to that. It's all in favour of returning the focus of the party to just that, rather than the DJ or prestige. Very important person? Very important cause.

** 02/07/15 UPDATE **

Budding DJs look sharp! Audiojack have announced the following via social media...

"So we've decided to offer the chance to play the opening set of the night to any DJs who reply to this post with a Soundcloud link to a recent DJ mix…"

"You'll need to be in Ibiza on Sunday, have your vinyl / CDs / USBs and headphones with you, and play the right music to warm up for the party - minimal / deep / tech etc. A true warmup set is an art."

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