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Review: Life In Color opening at Privilege, 2015

An opening ambush of neon and EDM.

Life In Color's grand opening at Privilege promised to shower the first crowd of the Wednesday residency with a relentless stream of an EDM led theatrical audiovisual feast.

Tops were off, pecks were out, and whites and the occasional bin bag for a neon painted ambush were on. For a feel of the crowd, it was dominated by Spanish early-twenty-somethings and dotted with other internationals and older age groups, with all out in force for nothing other than to hungrily soak up the fluorescent paintworks.

Spanish house and electro DJ, Danny Avila, had the crowd in the throes of fist pumpin' shape-shifting ecstasy. Vertigo inducing drops from EDM anthems such as Blasterjaxx & DBSTF's Beautiful World which, like many of the penetrating tracks of the night, gave the colour dripped crew a chance to endanger their vocal chords as well as their balance on the floor's slippery scape. Note: the slip danger didn't put many a punter off beasting on with some maximum tempo shuffle dancing.

If you're heading to Ibiza to witness a show, this is a spectacle on a grand scale. LED screens with larger-than-life layered lickings of neon graphics, gorgeous neon-emblazoned dancers, blown-up sumo suit wearing Bez-esque dancers, LED light stilted dancers, aerial acrobats and some sort of gigantic dragon/dinosaur-esque propelled beings – that's the best description I've got on the final observation, if you crack on and check it out for yourself, give me a shout if you have a more accurate one. All of this with periodic releases of smoke machines, confetti, gigantic balloons and of course, the epic paint guns – which as of this year have been pumping out a new formula of odorless, light, and more vibrant stuff than ever before. I had some guy smearing paint on my face from his hair and I can concur, I wasn't stinkin' or sticky. Tubes are also offered at five euros a pop in the club for you to create your own damage.

If you've read our other opening reviews, you might recall the epic party bear wielding pair who took to the dancefloor with a set of Paddington's. Great idea; mascots to maintain the momentum. Well, they were back, all suitably prepared. Owners in bin bags and the party bears themselves protected in their own plastic bags – transparent so they didn't miss out on the visuals. Keep an eye-out for these legends - it seems they're a Balearic mainstay.

Dutch house music method man, Fedde Le Grande, pounded on with a fiercely packed set which trail blazed through a catalogue of classics including Nomad's I Wanna Give You Devotion, Fatboy Slim's Praise You, Daft Punk's Harder Better Stronger Faster and Kernkraft 400's Zombie Nation – all of course supercharged with teeth chattering kicks, leads and reinforced multiple drops. His man on the mic then forcefully instructed a sit-down with one unwilling raver being called out as “Beyonce” for being “too sexy to get down.” I think from the state of the paint-packed pit at the front, the call-out was probably in reference to the display of diva attitude as opposed to soaking sex appeal straight out a music video. Who knows though, never caught a glimpse of “Beyonce.” Maybe it was Beyonce out purely to test the new paint formula in a hand held camera shot music video with the party bears.

A party focused on letting us run riot to create complete and utter bombsite messes of ourselves and everyone else, is never going to be short of willing participants. A raucous affair both in sight and sound, Life In Color is armed with a highly anticipated party line-up still waiting to be confirmed but guaranteed to paint EDM aficionados in pleasure.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHY | Jonatan Ferrer

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