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Review: Hard Times opening at Privilege (Vista)

Shake loose those Hard Times at the Vista Club

Saturdays at Privilege's Vista Club have been taken over by the legendary Hard Times imprint, and as last night was their opening party, and because it was Saturday, and because Todd Terry was playing, and because I love me some good ol' boogying house music, I adorned my top hat and headed merrily to the Vista Club.

It was a while ago that I last entered the Privilege premises, so I was dead curious to see what it would have in store for us at the more intimate venue of the Vista Club. The windy path that led towards what used to be the biggest club in the world was somewhat deserted, surrounded by trees dotted with lights as if we were entering a mystical fairyland where we had to follow the yellow brick road, following the sounds of the thrumming bass lines and friendly chatter.

And there we were, at the gates of the Vista club and, as I looked around me on their huge outdoor terrace, I saw for myself the view that everyone had been raving about. A beautiful lit up Dalt Vila looming in the background with lights dotted all around, and the best thing being that the view continues even inside the club as tall glass windows encase the place.

Once inside we busted out our dance moves to the Italian DJ duo NiCe7, who were playing ground breaking bass music getting the somewhat mixed crowd of British tourists, Spanish youngsters and some stray animals from the Zoo Project to shake it like it was 1954. Although the club was not ram packed, it actually allowed for breathing room for everyone to really get on down and boogie and that's exactly what we did, especially when the master Todd Terry came on with an all time favourite Its Like That by Run DMC.

Todd Terry is an absolute gem when it comes to taking the crowd to the next level. Playing old school classics like Remember Me by Blue Boy, Gypsy Woman (referred to many as La Da Dee La Da Da) by Crystal Waters, and a version of I'll House You by the Jungle Brothers, whilst the scantily clad dancers just added fuel to the fire. Following Todd Terry was Junior Sanchez, by which time i put down my hypothetical paper and pen and truly let loose to the music.

The Vista Club is a perfect venue to host the Hard Times imprint which has been active since the early 90's, clearly not novices to the house scene. It is a stunning venue that almost feels like you are partying in a glamorous greenhouse because of the tall windows and the plants potted around everywhere. If you are into grooving house music, this is definitely the place for you.

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Marc de Groot

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