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Podcast: SPTL192: Chus + Ceballos

The Spanish Ying&Yang duo with their Iberican sound.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"This mixtape is a live DJ set recorded during our last visit to Sound Night Club in Los Angeles, California, where we have a 4 times-a-year residency."

"We always use our MacBook Pro connected to the Pioneer 900 Nexus mixer to record the sets through Traktor, then we usually do post editing and mastering at the studio."

Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"This is the very beginning of the set and is mainly house, its the time to get people in the mood with some funky grooves, nice melodies and some vocals and classic acapellas on-top. We always try to have a good balance between rhythm and soul, from house to techno drums always present. The best thing about to being a duo playing back-to-back is that our influences are very wide, from soulful and latin house to melodic and groovy techno, but most importantly we never forget that to make people dance and keep them in the groove is our main goal."

In what setting should we be in the appreciate the mix most?

"This is a typical dynamic and super groovy C&C DJ Set with a lot of musical elements and vocals so I think you can play it at anytime, in a many different situations, such a driving your car, having drinks with friends in a house party, jogging, training, or wherever you think is better, just play it loud and enjoy it."

The Plug

You're set for a residency at Blue Marlin this year. What is it about the venue that attracts you?

"BMI was for us one of the most interesting revelations in the past couple of years. The amazing location in Cala Jondal, the marina, the priceless sunsets, the amazing food and service in the restaurant, and a multicultural crowd that really want to have fun and enjoy the beautiful day till very late, supported by a great production team and a really good talent line up has become a must-visit in the 'White Island.' People love to enjoy the nice weather, and open air parties during the day are the crowd favorites these days."

You're regularly tipped as the champions of the 'Iberian sound'. I don't want you to describe it, people should discover this themselves, but how does the style differ from the rest? What makes it unique?

"We chose the word 'Iberican' when we started to explain and tell people who we are and where we come from because Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula, in that time there was a very interesting and unique musical movement happening in Spain and Portugal when we start making and playing music. Our sound has continued to evolve over the years, but we maintain our essence and genuine touch that identifies us, where percussion and rhythm are inseparable elements of our style (Ying Yang). It's important to have an identity and to be true to your principles. With that solid rhythmic basis, we consider ourselves music lovers and we like different styles, it's something you can see in our sets where we move from deep house to techno easily (drums always present)."

You're true representatives of the Spanish dance music scene, one I think is growing massively each year, would you agree? Why do you think there has been such a growth in popularity and number of artists in the last few years?

"Spain is on Fire and always was! And yes, after the big boom of the EDM a few years ago, Electronic Music is finally turning back to its roots, more organic and very influenced by the Old school sounds, so that is the place where we feel more comfortable, very close to the Spanish roots, La Fiesta! As you said, Spanish djs and producers are shining and inspiring to others all around the globe, The Spanish Furia!"

"Its also important to mention that Spain is finally recovering from a long economic crisis, people now have new hope and we really want to stand out from the rest. We have a totally renewed generation of producers really motivated that are working hard to get the Spanish scene back to what it was."

Your label, Stereo Productions, has been quite busy of late. What's the latest to come out? What should we look out for in the near future?

"It's a very exciting moment for the label, as we said before, we are in the right path releasing amazing tracks and rocking the charts with music from Dosem, Technasia, Stefano Noferini, Mendo, Paolo Martini and Chus & Ceballos for sure, and more to come from Uner, Adrian Hour, David Herrero, Rafa Barrios, Oscar L or DJ Fronter to name but a few. Were also have our summer compilation Balearica 2015 coming out very soon.

By the end of the year we're gonna have some big names that we can't reveal to keep the surprise :)"


1. No Groove (Original Mix) by Landmark, David Herrero
2. Deeper (Original Mix) by Ruben Mandolini
3. Break a sweat (Original Mix) by Cuartero, wAFF
4. Sunrain (Original Mix) by Pirupa
5. Magic (Chus & Ceballos Rocking Music edit) by Mendo
6. Aria (Original Mix) by Ben Grunnell
7. Ordered Fuss (Paride Saraceni remix) by Angel Lopez & Victo D
8. Feelings (Original mix) by Sabb
9. Chase the link (Original mix) by Dosem
10. Big Mac (Original Mix) by Philip Bader
11. Our Discovery (Beat-cappella) by Henry Saiz
12. Rendezbouz (Nathan Barato Remix) by Filthy Rich
13. Cala El Verano (Original Mix) by DJ Dep, Kydus

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