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Back2Live at IMS Ibiza

Fresh talent and free entry. High five!

As if three days of conferences and two nights raving in one of the most incredible locations for a dance floor in the world, Dalt Vila, wasn't enough - the IMS team is throwing one more party into the mix. Introducing Back2Live, a one-off concert at the Hard Rock Hotel exploring the live music and electronica crossover and featuring some very talented music-makers.

The concert will directly follow the Back2Live panel at IMS conference on Wednesday the 20th of May, and run from 8 - 12pm. Here's a little rundown of the talented sorts that will cross the stage...

First up, Nottingham based duo April Towers' alternative electro pop, then the chilled hip hop rhythms and rhymes of Harley Maxwell (who drew quite the crowd throwing it down on the dance floor performing at Spotlight's El Salon party last summer), plus pop song writer for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Penny Foster, steps out on her own as Power Dress. You'll also hear from The Wolf and his brooding deep house live show, London Based This Is A Recording collective will bring the sunshine vibes and UNER - whose sets have helped create the season soundtrack to parties all over the island, especially at his ANTS residency - rocks a special live show. Sankeys resident Andy Baxter will be the support DJ, to keep the music flowing and the energy high all evening.

This will be a free party, not just for IMS delegates, but for anyone on the island who wants to come down and check it out. So acceptable excuses to miss this include sudden death, disease (terminal) and that's it.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Robert Castano

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