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Josh Wink and Steve Bug b2b for Kehakuma

Boldly juxtaposed with the wild frivolity of Elrow Ibiza in the discoteca for 2015...

Though it has never tried to appeal to the masses, Kehakuma at Space Ibiza has earnt its place for several years running as one of the most respected parties on the Ibiza circuit - and the team has done so with an uncompromisingly quality music policy.

No surprise, then, that for their first announcement the promoters have skipped the middle ground and gone straight for the top of the pack, lining up four back-to-back sets from the heads of two of the most influential and respected dance labels of the last two decades. Space's Terrazza will welcome Ovum bossman Josh Wink and Poker Flat head honcho Steve Bug. The pair have done huge things for the acid house and techno scene both through their labels' lauded output, their own seminal productions and of course, ability to entertain, educate and enthrall a dance floor when behind the decks. Expect these back-to-back sets to push boundaries.​

Despite an admirable 'come for the techno and stay for the techno' attitude, Kehakuma's allure is not merely confined to its music. The aesthetics of Kehakuma remain as one of the most guarded parts of the project. Though always subtle elements of a dark room, they have ranged from sensual geishas to the fragile evolution of a butterfly converted into origami, minimalistic oriental elements and, this year, featuring the iconic Japanese Macaque monkey, its red face the latest link in the lava-red thread which has run through all of Kehakuma's Japanese asthetics over the years.

Like last year, Kehakuma continues its friendly symbiotic relationship with the crazy Spanish party Elrow, which will be wreaking colourful confetti-based havoc over in the discoteca every Saturday. That's two amazing parties in one! Find out the latest on Elrow here.

The Kehakuma season will run from Saturday the 6th of June until the 26th of September.

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