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Holi Garden Festival: putting the colour in 2015

Let the rainbow games begin!

The Holi festival originiated in Hindu religious strongholds around India and Nepal as a celebration of the colours and love of the Spring season, but has in more recent years expanded to be celebrated around the world as a good excuse to throw a load of powdered paint in your mate's face whilst screaming "EAT PAINT SUCKAAA!". That last bit could just be me though to be fair.

In 2014 we saw the first few of these parties crop up on Wednesday at Benimussa Park and having attended one of the parties as a team, we at Spotlight had all the fun as we ran around the already stunning venue watching as giant clouds of powdered paint exploded in the air and on peoples' faces. It's a funny and beautiful event to either take part in or simply stand at the back and watch.

We're happy to hear then that the parties will return in 2015 for a full season of paint-based tomfoolery and mischief-making from Wednesday 20th May and then weekly from 3rd of June until the closing at the end of September.

The party starts at 4:30pm and continues on until midnight with regular announced slots to stop and go paint crazy. Early bird tickets are priced at 25€ and come inclusive of three bags of powdered paint, with plenty of extra on sale to increase personal ammunition stores.

Ibiza favourites Heath Holme and Claudio Ricci are residents for the season and so this completes what should be a totally unique Wednesday night for your holiday.

VIDEO | A look back at some of the best moments from Holi Garden Fesitval 2014. Let the rainbow games begin!

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