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DJs on Snapchat - it's a thing.

Snapchat is becoming the hottest platform for today’s big EDM artists, opening up a whole new can of marketing worms...

With even more immediecy than Facebook and Twitter, connecting with fans via Snapchat is quick, simple, and global. The "My Story" feature of Snapchat allows users to see their friends' stories from the last 24 hours. When these “friends” also include Dillon Francis (Dillyfrancis), Diplo (diplo), and Tiesto (tiesto), the barrier between artist and fan is lifted. DJs are able to communicate and connect with fans directly while promoting their music. You can only see so many "My Story"s of pets, but these DJs are leaking raw and unedited coverage that you don't want to miss.

Snapchat connects fans in an intimate way, giving a behind the scene glimpse into the contemporary 'rock star' lifestyle. DJs share backstage party pictures, snippets of glamorous events, and stage selfies from your favorite sets. With a lifespan of 24 hours, users are incentivised to check up on artists daily, as they are guaranteed to see something new. Stories are unique and meaningful for fans, as they're ensured to have the latest insights into what their favorite artists are up to.

Furthermore, DJs are starting to use Snapchat as the premiere marketing tool for promotion - unsurprising considering the world of dance music has proven itself to be the most technologically up to date and active on social media than any other music genre. Whether they are working on a new track or rehearsing for an upcoming show, a short Snapstory is a teaser for devoted fans. In May 2014, Afrojack released a 10 second clip of his debut album, Forget the World, via Snapchat – giving his followers an exclusive sneak peak at his latest work. DJs use Snapchat to announce tour dates, preview music videos, and to provide behind-the-scenes show coverage. Best part about it? DJs use this platform free of charge. Fans receive exclusive, personalised content and artists can promote their music with just a few clicks and a Wi-Fi signal.

The ties between EDM and Snapchat continue with coverage of major festivals. Snapchat expanded its traditional “My Story” interface to include a new, collaborative “Our Story” feature. Attendees of events like EDC, Coachella, and TomorrowWorld were able to submit photos and videos to be selected for ongoing live stories throughout the shows for all to see. The collective narratives help to share the experience with those who couldn't attend. This collaborative effort not only promotes the festivals and music, but users feel they've contributed to the magic.

As the EDM culture continues to embrace innovative technology, other major social media platforms are left in the dust. So, do you know what Tiesto had for lunch today?

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WORDS | Emily Archibald

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