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Elrow + Kehakuma closing party 2014

Plenty of colourful moments from Elrow and Kehakuma closing last weekend...

With a deep splash and surge of bubbles Space Ibiza was dragged below the waterline, the theme for El Row closing party taking the club's main room under the sea to be covered in starfish, barnacles, seaweed, shipwrecks and a host of curious deep sea creatures weaving through the crowd. The stripped back Kehakuma held its own in the terrace, with Levon Vincent the highlight of the evening, whilst Fritz Kalkbrenner and Technasia vs Riva Starr held down the riotous ElRow discoteca. Keeping the maratime theme relevant, ElRow stilt-walkers played out the current conflict in Ibiza between environmental protesters and lovers of the island and oil-drilling surveyors looking to set up camp off the island's coastline. It was a nice touch, showing that even a party as frivolous as ElRow can make a serious point when it comes to protecting Ibiza. You wont believe how much confetti fell out of our shoes once we got home... sign of a good closing!

WORDS | Jordan Smith PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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