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Pikes winter party schedule: October

Who loves Pikes parties? We do!

Pikes Hotel, run by the fantastic Ibiza Rocks House team, is one of our favourite venues on the island. Forget all the superclubs and swanky beach bars for a moment... you can really lose yourself at Pikes. The whole venue is steeped in traditional Ibizan wacky history. Run by the infamous Tony Pike, a man who's led a life genuinely worthy of the 'legend' title, it was once the go-to accommodation/party venue for many of the music industry's flamboyant names, including Freddie Mercury of Queen, and was even the setting for Wham!'s Club Tropicana music video.

Based around an old Spanish finca with sprawling buildings and courtyards to explore in a variety of fancy dress options provided by the in-house party guru Sunny (sporting the captain hat in the photo above), you are just as likely to find yourself having an in depth conversation about the decision to hang umbrellas above the courtyard as you are singing karaoke in Freddie Mercury's bath tub filled with coloured balls. All standard Pikes behaviour and we wouldn't have it any other way.

VIDEO | Wham! Club Tropicana filmed at Pikes. Notice Tony Pike himself 40 seconds absolutely owning the neckerchief and hat combo.

Not one to go into total shut down over the winter, Pikes will remain open late from 10pm on Friday nights throughout October for 'happy hour' drinks in the Potting Shed (located outside) until midnight alongside a series of winter parties held in Freddie's until 6am.

First up is this coming Friday 17th October with an islanders end of summer bash. DJs Bones, Steve Altman and Scott Gray are set to play, with more TBC.

Next up on Friday 24th October we have the wonderful Lo Cura Lounge crew in the house, with The Brothers Grim headlining, aka Mark Broadbent (formerly the guy behind We Love) and Andy Livesey (current We Love big man), alongside David Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker and Da Rocka Buddha.

Lastly, on Friday 31st - the spookiest of spooky dates on your calendar with it being Halloween - Pikes hosts one of the best parties on the island. Essential you attend if you're a fan of scaring people to death, fancy dress and fun. All three are compulsory (or should be). The Vamps Rock theme will be soundtracked by some of our island favourites - Tom Crane, Andy Baxter, Dave Lubin, Lisa Chadderton, Colin Peters and Steve Altman.

Entry is free for the first two events, with tickets for the Halloween party priced at 10€ or 20€ with the BBQ. Drink prices will be priced to encourage you to buy more, i.e. cheaper. Which we expect to take full advantage of.

For entry, even though the first two parties are free, please email your names to

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