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Hot Tub Cinema Party at Ibiza Rocks

Hot Tub - check. Cinema - check. Ibiza - check.

If attending a hot tub cinema party happens to be on your bucket list then – hooray! – you're in luck! The snappily titled Hot Tub Cinema crew are heading to the island on Saturday 27th September after a summer of sell out shows in London and New York.

"What is the Hot Tub Cinema?" we hear you cry? The novelty project, which has been running for eight years now, mixes films with froth, projecting cult movies such as The Hangover, Dodgeball and Anchorman on to a huge screen while viewers relax in Jacuzzis, swigging drinks and pretty much feeling like the celeb superstar they've always dreamed of..

It's the company's first time in Ibiza and they are promising not only a unique cinematic experience but an evening of bubbly luxury with no less than fourteen hot tubs, a licensed bar and tub-side waiter service all in the hub of the iconic Ibiza Rocks Hotel complex. As the first event in the world to combine hot tubs and cinema for the viewing public some may argue they have, in general, created the (un)official eighth wonder of the world.

The first show is Hot Tub Cinema presents Hot Tub Time Machine (how appropriate) which movie buffs will recognise is the 2010 American science fiction comedy film. It's a 7pm start and limited to Ibiza Rocks guests with only 90 tickets available. That's Exclusive with a capital E! Ibiza Rocks holiday-makers can a) book a whole tub to share with six or eight or b) buy a pair or more tickets to share a whirlpool with others, making a few new friends along the way.

If films and froth is your thing then see the Ibiza Rocks host team in the resort for more info.

VIDEO | Yup, that really is the title of the film. Admittedly it never really got great reviews, shock horror, but well worth a laugh whilst actually sitting in a hot tub time machine. **DISCLAIMER Hot Tub will not actual transport you to another time.

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