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Love Brunch at Destino Hotel, 23rd August

The brunch trend finally sweeps through Ibiza at Destino Resort.

What's only on weekends, doesn't exist before 12pm and always ends in a bit of a haze? You in Ibiza, clearly. Oh, and brunch!

It was only a matter of time before this trend of glamorizing this dunken day time activity swept through Ibiza and paving the way for us all is the ever chic Destino Resort. Located atop the cliffs of Cap Martinet, this Pacha owned resort specialises in throwing the most posh day time parties. Love Brunch festivities commence at 2pm on Saturday 23rd of August where guests are invited to sit back, relax and indulge themselves in this one of a kind poolside brunch. 2pm que a little hard for you? Not to worry, Destino knows the more delayed your eventual appearance, the more fun you had the night before! Thats why they will be keeping the kitchen open until 5pm before turning this party strictly to the dancefloor.

Dancefloor duty will be held in the hands of Pacha favourite, Andy Cato from Groove Armada. Adding to this house filled afternoon are friends Goldfish performing live, Hugo Heathcote, Tom Crane, Jolyon and Dax who will be taking this party all the way until midnight. Tickets start at 45 euros and just include admission to the event. For those wanting to reserve tables for brunch, you must make reservations in advance ( to confirm your spot.

Haven't sold you just yet? In addition to their ultra famous celebrity following, this London based party has made pop up appearances in cities all over the world like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and Verbeir. The third year in a row Love Brunch will be returning to Ibiza, founders are warning us all that this will be their biggest one yet! So, as far as the brunch philosophy goes, remember: be classy, be chic and when in doubt order a bellini.

WORDS | Sara McNutt

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