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Pleasurekraft: Not an essential mix

A quality 2 hour mix from the Pleasurekraft guys, with amusing self-written description.

This duo produce together, but only Kaveh Soroush will be playing across the variety of parties and clubs this season, including Booom, Ushuaïa, Privilege and Space for parties such as Suara, ANTS, Reverse and Elrow. A great spread of environments to enjoy their music. For more details head on over to the DJ profile page on Ibiza Spotlight.

DJ PROFILE | Pleasurekraft

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS | The blood, sweat, and tears of 30+ human beings, who bore their souls to make this mix possible. A good solid chunk of techno/house music, both new and old.

USES | Use of this mix is unadvised if it is referred to as “Trance” or “Deep”. People who feel the only good records are those that came out within the last 5 (working days), should not use this mix. People who wear scarves in August (unless you specifically live in the Southern Hemisphere or the North Pole, in which case, please also use a jacket), should not use this mix. People who have frequent urges to hold their mobile phones to request songs from DJs should not use this mix. People who feel they are electronic music aficionados because they have been to Electric Daisy Carnival, and anyone that thinks image is more important than substance, should not use this mix. Lastly, people who feel it is pretentious to say who should and shouldn't listen to this're totally right!!

DIRECTIONS | Please respect the music and listen on a proper soundsystem or headphones, those listening on laptop speakers or headphones that came free with your mp3 device will not experience any of the benefits of the mix; those using Beats by Dre will only experience partial benefits.
Listen once daily as needed. Increased dosage on Mondays and Wednesdays is highly recommended to combat general malaise of ‘early week boredom'. Removal of black clothing is highly recommended during the listening process, unless you are a blood relative of Johnny Cash, or are listening en route to a funeral - in which case we would like to express our condolences.

SIDE EFFECTS/WARNINGS | Side effects may include, but are not limited to; an uncontrollable urge to dance, feelings of euphoria (extremely common if taken as prescribed). Users who skip forward through the mix in search of tracks they know, will not feel any of these (positive) side effects.

If you have been prescribed this mix by accident, continue to take the recommended dosage until the required effect takes place. If you expect to hear ‘Carny', or any similar records that you have already heard a million times before, please discard immediately.

This is a Pleasurekraft joint.

"On a serious note - we know we don't put out many promo or live recorded mixes - so when we first started thinking about this year's mix we knew it had to be special. Here you have over 2 hours of music full of tracks old and new - that we feel reflect the wide spectrum of genres in dance music that are closest to our hearts. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did making it. Much love to you for listening, and of course, a huge thank you to all the artists who made this mix possible with their incredible work."

"See you on a dancefloor near you."

Recorded live July 5, 2014 prior to doors open at the U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C.

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