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Pukka Up Radio 1 boat party

Pukka Up stakes its place in the busiest weekend in Ibiza with a special Radio 1 boat party...

Ibiza's most popular boat party, Pukka Up, has something special planned on Saturday 2nd August with a one-off boat party featuring BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills. Pukka Up has invited the charismatic DJ onto its famous sunset boat party in San Antonio in celebration of the annual Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza. It's the biggest weekend in the Ibiza peak season, so who better to host the nautical component than Ibiza biggest boat party - Pukka Up? Expect it to go off and then some.

Your ticket includes a three hour sunset boat party soundtracked by everyone's favourite afternoon jockey, Scott Mills, plus the much-loved Pukka up resident DJs, a free drink, several blasts from the on-board ice cannon (only in Ibiza!), free giveaways and unbelievable views. You also get free passage (but not entry) to Privilege for the immense Cream Radio 1 party, held annually in the only place it could ever fit - the largest club in the world. Grab tickets for not only the perfect Pukka Up after party, but probably the biggest event in your clubbing career to date here.

Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza is an absolutely crazy time and we encourage you to experience every bit of it you can, starting with front row seats to the sunset on the Pukka Up Radio 1 boat party. Tickets available now.

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