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Podcast: SPTL169: Coyu

Head of the Spanish label Suara and lover of cats, presenting Coyu. Suara host Booom on Wednesdays this season.

The Mix

Thanks for the mix, tell us about it.

"I started the set around 122bpm and I finished close to 125bpm. I played quite different stuff, I love to play different styles in one set."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"I recorded the set last saturday at Papagayo Beach Club, Tenerife, a new spot on one of the greatest islands in the world. It was an amazing night! I played very different stuff during my 3 hours set, from deep house to techno."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"Well, anytime I play you can feel where my roots are.... I'm a very eclectic DJ, I love to play house and techno in their very different ranges, but the drums are always there, even if I play quite deep."

The Plug

It is no secret that a few parties have had trouble getting off the ground at Booom, with that and the fact that this is your first club residency, are you worried about how successful you will be?

"Well, last year was the first year of Booom on the island. I know it was not easy for them because they had some troubles and had to open the club quite late, around mid-July or something like that... some of the parties didn't work well for that reason. It's impossible to do a good season starting 2 months late, but the energy of the people who work at Booom and the interest they had for Suara helped us to decide to work with them."

"We had some offers from other clubs who offered us more money than Booom, but our priority is to offer something good and different to our fans and I feel Booom allows us to do that. The club is not extremely big - actually it's one of the few 'clubs' on Ibiza, it's not a discotheque with 5000 people. By the way, the soundsystem is great and it's in a very great location, so why not? It's our first big adventure on Ibiza but I feel it's not going to be the last one; we're very happy and all the Suara crew is very enthusiastic..."

What is the concept behind the Suara parties at Booom? Will it be a front for showcasing the label's talent exclusively?

"We will bring some of the best Suara artists plus some of the hottest artists of the moment; we tried to find a balance between Suara artists and hot headliners. I think we have a very interesting line-up, every night is different and full of quality artists from house to techno. What is different in Suara from other parties is that we don't have a proper sound... our label releases deep house, tech house, indie pop house, techno... that's exactly the same approach that you will have in our parties at Booom. One night you will have Tube & Berger and Pleasurekraft, the next one Nick Curly and Kenny Larkin, then the week after Gary Beck and Kevin Saunderson... our line-ups will be very eclectic. By the way, we want to offer a proper Suara experience to our fans, so don't get the fear to see some kitties around the club..."

We'll come back to the cats shortly... Why do you think it was the right time to embark on your debut Ibiza season?

"As I said previously, our line-ups will be quite eclectic, so any music lover will have his own night in our party at Booom. So, just check the full line-ups and decide what's your favourite night. But I think the opening party (4th june with Pleasurekraft, Carlo Lio, Betoko, Ramiro Lopez and Coyu) explains perfectly what we will offer you during the whole season: house and techno, deep and powerful sounds..."

"Betoko plays quite indie and housey, his music is very emotive... totally different to Carlo Lio who is techy and groovy. Same with Ramiro Lopez and Pleasurekraft - they are different artists playing different styles, but all of them are quality artists that are in the best moment of their music careers, and all of them are with us."

To the label then, how are things going? What new releases do you have coming up?

"The label is doing great, I'm extremely happy with Suara as a label. We have big things coming up like the remix pack of Imprint of Pleasure with Adam Beyer, who did an amazing techno version of the Tube & Berger hit, Dosem's upcoming album, two EPs from Edu Imbernon (one with Los Suruba), a very interesting project called The Big Cat remixed where some of my favourite artists will do versions of my old tracks (Green Velvet, Harry Romero, Bontan or Doorly amongst others will be there), an EP from Pete Tong which is delicious and will make big noise on the scene, Technasia is back on Suara and other big guys like Gregor Tresher, Christian Smith or Henry Saiz will make their debut on Suara... it's a very excting moment for the label."

So, back to the cats! I know you have a passion for them, including having your own charity. Tell us about that.

"My girlfriend is a feline vet and she introduced me to the cat's world... together we've decided to create Suara foundation, a place for helping street cats. We are not a shelter but an association that helps shelters and other associations by paying them some of their vet costs. Suara is the label of the cats, with the foundation we try to pay back all the love the cats gave us, that's all."

Cool. Will you be helping with the cat problem on Ibiza?

"Exactly - part of the benefits we will get with the Suara party at Booom will be assigned to some shelters and cat associations in Ibiza... we will collaborate very intensely with the island."

There seems to have been an explosion of Spanish electronic artists on the scene of late, particularly on Ibiza. How does it feel to be a part of that?

"Spain is in its best moment and in its worse moment all together... the best moment because we never had so many great DJs and producers travelling around the world and playing in the best clubs, we always had 4 or 5 big guys like Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela or Chus & Ceballos doing big things, but now there is a new generation of young artists that are doing great things as well: Uner, Edu Imbernon, Dosem, Henry Saiz, Affkt, Los Suruba, Danny Serrano, Ramiro Lopez etc, etc... Spain is in a very bad financial situation so tons of clubs have had to close their doors. The spanish promoters don't push the local talents as much as other artists like the UK, Germany or Netherlands do... that's why I say we are in our best and worst moment."

You recently posted on Facebook that you wondered if the underground was becoming bigger than the mainstream sound. Does this worry you? What would you change, if anything?

"Not at all, I just like to chat with my followers and know what they feel about some interesting questions!"

Ok, then finally, you have a weekend off on Ibiza. What do you do? Where do you go?

"North of the island, it's a very quiet place even in july-august. You have amazing "calas" (small bays) there, small ones, for 20-30 people... you don't see too many "guiris" (foreign people) and the food is amazing. I try to go to s'illot des rencli, spend the day getting a tan and relaxing and finish the day eating a proper paella, you will love it."


To quote the British Tilllate (the nightlife community), “he reigns in Spain”. Celebrated Catalan DJ and producer Coyu has made his mark on Suara music by helping it to become one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno and house music. The label's resounding success has been proved by the fact it has reached #1 on both, Beatport and Resident Advisor. The electronic music scene has surrendered to Coyu's constantly outstanding efforts. What began as a dream is now becoming a reality.

His studio skills are ever more in demand. The impact of his remix of the Fatboy Slim‘s classic “Right Here Right Now” has been huge (#1 Tech House on Beatport). While his X-Press 2 “Muzik Xpress” remix became massive floor filler as well. Releases on Cocoon, Get Physical, Noir Music, 100% Pure, Tronic or his own Suara plus being one of the most charted artists of Resident Advisor's history has put Coyu on the map as one of the best producers of the moment.

Meanwhile, the incomparable Spaniard will continue to take his tasty sets across the globe. He's recruited fans from every corner of the world are following his spectacular performances at Sónar Festival (2012 and 2013) or his exciting Summer DJ residency joining at Pachá Ibiza (Insane parties on Fridays) alongside artists such as John Digweed, Steve Lawler, DJ Sneak or Fritz Kalkbrenner. Coyu is also day in day out touring across the planet, from South America (Brasil, Peru, Mexico), Asia (Japan, South Korea, Thailand), Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK), North America to Africa… and of course Spain, his country of birth where is considered a visionary with honour. Coyu, a king on a lifelong learning.

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