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Podcast: SPTL168: Manu Gonzalez

This young Ibicenco is the freshest artist with the most raw talent to come out of the island for years. Catch him at Emerging Ibiza Festival, the IMS, Sankeys, Ushuaïa and more during the 2014 season.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Some exclusive vinyl and some unreleased stuff in this mix, from artists such as Apollonia, Matthew Styles and Tuccillo among others."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"I remember that I organised and made the selection of the mix at the airport, coming back from Switzerland to Ibiza after an amazing gig (5hr flight delay! haha). The mix has recorded at my own studio in Ibiza."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"Influences from soul, funk, disco, hip-hop, house and techno genres is where I come from. I worked many years for Discos Delta Vinyl store, ordering and selling music for several years to all the people who were on the island or beyond, that's for sure where I started as a DJ and I learnt an amazing music collection! That is one of the reasons why I'm here, DJing and producing music. When I finished working at the shop I traveled to Madrid to study music production - one of the best choices I made in my life."

The Plug

This year seems like it will be your big breakthrough year, despite playing on Ibiza for the last few years - how does it feel to be the in-demand local DJ at the moment?

"Well I'm really pleased and happy for all that is happening, all that I've done in my life is music and it is the only thing I will do for sure, so it's nice to see that with hard work and a smile on my face always - everything is possible. Amazing things are happening this year, I have many gigs in and out of the island - Switzerland, Arab Emirates, Italy, Romania, Austria... it's amazing for me to bring Ibiza's sound around the world! I need to say I'm enjoying every day of my life, doing what I love and feeling really happy working with Danny Whittle. He is taking care of me really well and in an amazing and professional way."

You're fairly young in your career, what has the journey been like to this point?

"I think the age doesn't matter, I'm 23 years old, but I never stopped working hard: at the studio, making beats, searching for exclusive music to do it 'differently' from the others and of course being a polite and respectable person to the others. As I told you before, I started to work at the vinyl store at 15 years old and I met a lot of people inside that shop. I started to be involved in the electronic music scene so young and I'm still young! Happy and with a lot of energy to still working more hard than ever!"

"We only live once. It doesn't matter how old you are - if you have a dream, if you want to do something - do it! It's true that sometimes it's not easy to be one of the youngest DJs on the island (almost over Spain/Europe) currently working really hard, but I'm strong! My energy protects me (and my manager too haha!)"

"I've got a lot to learn, of course, but I've also got alot to show!"

Do you think being Ibiza born and bred has been an advantage when embarking on your DJ career?

"For sure. I don't know many DJs who were really born on the island like me, we are premium DJs! Haha! Sometimes it's a responsibility, we must take care of our image, our music or career, because whether you like it or not we have Ibiza inside us - we are the real Ibiza Groovers.. and people know it. Here on the island and outside the island, so we are representing the island, we need to do it good or good. No other way!"

The season is looking busy already for you - where can we expect to see you?

"Yes! This season is going to be amazing! I will be playing at a lot of amazing places this summer, it's like "wow, the dream comes true!" I will be playing at Sankeys Ibiza as regular DJ for Tribal Sessions, one of the newest and best parties on the island for this summer so far and one of the clubs I like most in the world! Aand what a line-up! To see my name sharing with the big dogs like Danny Tenaglia, Jeff Mills, Mister G, Todd Terry, DJ Sneak, Victor Calderone, Derrick May and Darius Syrossian is awesome!"

"Also you will find me playing on different places on the island such as Pacha, Space, some exclusive boat events with Cocoon Ibiza, Destino and many other really great venues to be announced soon! It will be for sure the most busy and beautiful season I have ever had! But other better seasons are coming for sure! We are only at the 50% mark, I've got so much to do! Keep on walking every day to the right side, doing the right things, producing the right music and just doing what I really like."

"Respecting my sound, the sounds I love and not the ones that everyone else loves... that's the reason to be happy with what you do. Doing what you really love!"

Further on that, the two gigs that stand out for me at the moment are your involvement with the International Music Summit and Emerging Ibiza. Some great events to be involved in, right?

"To play at the International Music Summit is the biggest gig I have had in my career so far. Every day I'm counting down to the 22nd May... I can't wait to play at Dalt Vila! I remember when I was a kid and we went with the school to Dalt Vila, or some family lunches there, or to walk around with my first girlfriends or…whatever! It is Dalt Vila man! I can not believe I will be playing there - but yes it's true! The best DJs in the world, the best of the music industry is involved in this event. For me it is the best event in the world for sure! (Yes it is and you know it. Anyway, I'm Ibicenco..!)"

"I will be playing at an amazing hour too with the sun going down, but I will still have light at the venue during my DJ set, to drop my grooves with those views will be crazy. One day I will never forget in my life. I promise to make you dance and it will be the maddest party of the year!"

"I will also be playing at the Emerging Ibiza Festival this year. I'm happy that the respected Mixmag magazine has chosen me as one of their three artists to represent them at the event. The best emerging artists and best experts will be there looking for what we are doing, so we must rock it! And I will do it!"

"Emerging Ibiza is something new but really interesting, I'm looking forward to some of the experts such as Nick Curly, Yousef, Mixmag and Yann from Ushuaia to check out what I'm doing to the dancefloor."

The Global Radio gig on Mondays is great listening too, tell us about that.

"Ibiza Global Radio is for sure one of the sources of big support in my DJ career. I've worked with them since 2007 and since the first day they supported me. I feel like I'm in my home there - Anna, David, Jose, Miguel and Toni are amazing people and professionals. I love how they work and the passion they have for the radio station, doing it with love since the first day."

"I can remember when I was at the shop one morning checking music with one client and David Moreno came to the shop with a motorbike and asked me, "Hey little guy, tomorrow at 19:00... you want to play at Ibiza Global Radio?" Since that day I work with them and I play every two weeks with exclusive sets for Ibiza Dance with him. To share my music with all the people who listen to the radio around the world, or on the island, is an amazing opportunity. I get amazing feedback from people from every corner of the world for the shows. I can just say thanks IGR family and David! Thanks for the feelings since 2007 playing at your programme."

Do you have any big plans for the future with productions and DJ'ing? Or are just happy with living in the moment?

"Both things. We have big plans for the future but also I'm living the moment, because I need to! I need to say that working at IBZ Entertaiment makes me feel amazing. It is not easy to find a person to believe 100% in the work you do, the only thing you have in your life apart from friends and family and I found him - Danny Whittle. He is doing the amazing things with me, it's the most comfortable time in my career so far and I will be working with him for a lot of years hand to hand. Thanks Danny!"

"The agency is so serious and they are always working with me to the the right things to me - productions, podcasts, interviews, charts... and of course gigs! Now it's time to work harder than ever, time to be at the studio 10 hours everyday and still cooking up beats for the big ones. All with the same passion as always and a smile!"

"I want to do my own label... I don't know when, but for sure I will do it. This is one of our plans for the future. Now I'm waiting for some really good new releases that are coming soon, for quality labels that I'm happy to sign my music with. This year I just had some new releases and exclusive vinyl out, with big support from Marco Carola, Dubfire, Maceo Plex, Maya Jane Coles amongst others. The new releases coming out in those months are amazing ones! I can't wait to see how they work and the feedback!"

Finally, you have a weekend off on Ibiza. What do you do? Where do you go?

"I'd spend time with my Dad, my Mum and brothers, friends.. and go to eat a Paella in the north of the island, go to the beach, play sports... this is Ibiza! It is paradise! Nothing like our island. You just enjoy what you have around you - it's all about nature ,energy and music! And yes… go to the studio for work! Haha! Thanks! Much Love! X"


1 - Dan Ghenacia - ometeo (Dyed Soundorom remix)
2 - Sub-an feat. S.Y.F - Say no more (Dub Mix)
3 - NTFO - Unodeitrei(Rhadow remix)
4 - Tuccillo - Witness (Original Mix)
5 - AA1 - (Original Mix)
6 - Unknown
7 - Odds - Ekkohaus (Original Mix)
8 - Jordan Peka - Don't it feel good (Original Mix)
9 - Dj Sneak - El Groover (Original Mix)
10 - Kerry Chandler - Sunday Sunlight ( Delano Smith remix)


Manu Gonzalez is one of the rare breed of home grown Ibiza DJ/Producers. Born on Ibiza in 1990 this young DJ is now beginning to make a big impact on the Balearic Electronic scene. Manu worked for many years in the famous Discos Delta vinyl store, the most record store and one of the best in the world, ordering and selling vinyls for all the famous DJ/Producers who were based on Ibiza. From the age of 15 Manu has been involved in the Ibiza scene, developing his own style based on quality music skills and sound experience learnt from dealing with the best professionals from this early age.

Manu has his own special way of understanding and interpreting Balearic music mixes with his influences ranging from Chicago House, Detroit Techno to the latest trends including quality tech house mixed with groovy cool touches of contemporary underground sound ALWAYS with the main focus being the dance floor and the crowd.

Manu's funky powerful grooves and old school style DJ sets have won him many fans all over the world . Here in Ibiza, Manu is playing regularly at what most people consider to be the best clubs in the world; Space, Pacha and Privilege. Since 2010 till 2014 Manu had a summer residency @ Privilege Ibiza "World Biggest Club".Every week Manu has played at the World's biggest Club during some years,where he also opened many times the summer Ibiza's season sharing the DJ cabin showcasing with legends such as John Digweed, Supernova, Mandy and Solomun,who all acknowledge Manu's talent.

For such a young guy, Manu has already established an international fan base playing all over the world in Mexico, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Italy,Switzerland,Romania and many other countries. Most weekends when not travelling abroad Manu is playing in Madrid,Barcelona and all over Spain,including some Ibiza winter residences also.
When not DJing, Manu can be found in his studio producing and editing tracks for prestigious labels such as Natural Rhythm(Romania),Novo Music (Spain) His tracks have been played and supported by Marco Carola,Maceo Plex,Laurent Garnier,Dubfire,Maya Jane coles,Luciano and many more who are all happy to work with the sound of Manu.

Back home in Ibiza, Manu works for Ibiza Global Radio with his show going out live on Mondays between 19:00 and 20:00hrs hosted by Ibiza Dance. Manu was selected by Pioneer DJ on 2014 to do their very first inaugural show which was a huge success,and he will be the first ibicenco who will play at the IMS International Music Summit on Dalt Vila Festival(Ibiza),the world's powerful conference about electronic music on Ibiza,together with MWC Miami Winter Conference or ADE Amsterdam Dance Event where every year are playing electronic music legends such as Sven Vath,Loco Dice,Todd Terry to name some.

With a cluster of DJ award nominations, Manu Gonzalez is considered to be one of the youngest and brightest DJ / Producer prospects which the Ibiza club culture has produced and for many represents the real sound of Ibiza. One thing is certain, you will be hearing a lot more from Manu Gonzalez in those years if u are interesed in electronic music scene.

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