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Sankeys residency CUFF announces 2014 line-up

The G House movement is spreading...

One of the new residencies on the Sankeys Ibiza 2014 schedule, Amine Edge and DANCE's CUFF has released its line-up for the season, showcasing a selection of artists hand-picked by Amine Edge & DANCE for their superior skills in jackin' dance floors with bounce and attitude filled House.

The French duo, known for an especially bold style of House music known as G House, will be headlining each episode of the eighteen-week season, joined by guests of a complimentary style, many of whom have released on CUFF. 2014 season artists include French compatriot STUFF, Sirus Hood, K-LAGANE, Clyde P and The Beatangers, Ardalan and Stefano Ritteri, SION, Clouded Judgement and ENNIO.

Amine Edge & DANCE are already one of the most in-demand artists of the Sankeys global family, so the Ibiza residency is really the next logical step in the relationship. Expect high energy, jackin Chicago beats with a west coast hip hop flavour and plenty of vocal and sample emphasis. Best enjoyed dancing like a maniac, not chinstroking.

The CUFF season starts with a bang on Thursday the 5th of June and fires on until the 2nd of October.

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