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Danny Whittle joins Sankeys Ibiza

David and Danny, conquering the island one dancefloor at a time...

Interesting news for the Ibiza industry today, as the announcement comes that Danny Whittle will join forces with David Vincent and Sankeys Ibiza. Whittle spent thirteen years working as musical director at Pacha, parting ways with the super club at the end of 2012 and moving to work more with IBZ Entertainment group in 2013. He is also the co-founder of IMS Ibiza. Now IBZ Entertainment and Danny will be collaborating closely with the Sankeys team - a formidable pairing (and we mean that in the best, most business-like of ways)! Here's what both David and Danny had to say about the new venture...

Having known David for almost 18 years it is a pleasure for me to be finally working with him. I first met him when he was running Ministry of Sound in Ibiza, that was the year Ministry went to another level with on the ground and billboard marketing in Ibiza. I think Ministry had more people in Pacha on those Fridays than most of the other days put together. It was this that showed me the amazing ability that David has at promoting nightclubs and building line ups. Since Sankeys moved into the Ibiza music factory offices and we have talked and worked more together it felt almost inevitable we would end up working together. Having watched the rise of Sankeys on Ibiza over the last years I have been inspired by David's work ethic and commitment. I am proud to say that Sankeys and IBZ Entertainment are now working together on many levels, not just in the Ibiza venue but also on Sankeys tours, Isle of Dreams Festivals and Sankeys 20th anniversary year. It's a very exciting time for us. The future looks bright, the future looks SANKEYS. -Danny Whittle

Danny is one of my oldest friends on the island and as the Ibiza legend is told we used to work alongside each other at Pacha in 1997 when I ran Ministry and he ran Renaissance. If I wrote the original Ibiza promoters handbook in the 90s, he took my principles and took it onto the next level with what he achieved with Pacha in the 00s which I was always actually jealous of as whilst he was the warmth of Ibiza I was back in cold of the UK. Over the years we have always talked a lot about doing stuff together at some point but we always kept missing each other. It was actually a conversation with Danny which originally opened my eyes that there was a gap in the Ibiza market to open a Sankeys style nightclub.

Now the stars have seemed to have alligned as it was the only the other day that Danny asked me if I would be happy for him and his team to join Sankeys this summer, which I of course said yes. I have always said to anyone that you can always learn stuff and only an idiot does not listen to new ideas. With Danny's wealth of knowledge I am sure I will be learning a few new tricks from the great man he is. If I am Brendan Rogers then he is Alex Ferguson and together at Sankeys we feel this is the start of the new Sankeys Dream Team. Watch this space as we are all very happy at Sankeys Headquarters. - David Vincent

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