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Mass Bass announce Privilege residency for 2014

Thursday nights in Ibiza are going to get very, very loud...

The Privilege Ibiza team has been keeping much of its plans under wraps of late, but they've just chucked out some exciting news for us to chew over. The first announcement of the newly renovated Privilege weekly programme welcomes Mass Bass to the Thursday slot.

Wondering what it will sound like? The clue's in the name – expect big and brutal bass – en masse! Mass Bass will feature many different modern bass-heavy genres including Dubstep, EDM, Trap and Electro, with artists like Dub Elements and Borgore producing the aural anarchy.

Before landing in Ibiza, Mass Bass is touring Spain, stopping off at Seville and Madrid to make sure they're in peak form before hitting the largest club in the world.

As always, Privelege provides much more than just a dance floor, the vast venue is an act in itself, always adorned with performers, incredible lighting and effects shows and sound that hits the impossibly high rafters at the same time as shaking the floor beneath your feet.

Mass Bass opens on the 30th of May, 2014.

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