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Privilege Opening Party: Vista Club lineup announced

Serious party vibes all night and into the morning sunshine in the glass pyramid this year.

When the Vista Club came to be in 2012, after a serious makeover from its previous incarnation as the Coco Loco room, it was a revelation on the island. The room offered amazing panoramic views out of its all window pyramid-like construction all the way to Ibiza Town, the outstanding Funktion One Dance Stacks (Funktion One's club focused speakers) were impressive to both hear and look at, whilst the bright and colourful lighting set up completed the package. The room was a great success and hosted some amazing parties over those first two seasons.

The Privilege opening party has become an entirely different animal over the last few years as a result of the Vista Club, with that space hosting the current 'underground' house/techno artists and the main room taking more of a show feel to it.

The lineup for this year's opening on Friday 30th May is a mix of live performances and quality artists on the scene right now, as they welcome Paul Ritch (live), Gaiser (live), Technasia b2b Dosem, Los Suruba, Elio Riso, Avatism (live) and Vista Club residents to the pyramid. The Pharm are hosting the Vista Club in conjunction with Privilege, and they will do the same each Saturday throughout the season. So, you have an idea of Privilege's Saturday night flavour - more as we have it.

Generally, the artists follow a melodic techno theme in their music, with the Technasia and Dosem b2b set dropping at around sunrise time - look forward to that one.

Tickets are on sale now for the earlybird - bargain - price of 30€. Act fast.

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