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Best Of 2013: Privilege

Taking a look back at a big season for the world's biggest club.

What do people first say about Privilege? It's the biggest club in the world. And they would be right, it is. It's absolutely massive. It takes 10,000 people to fill the the main room and all the other indoor and outdoor areas.

There aren't many nights with enough pull to justify making use of the space, and yet the likes of A State Of Trance, Armin van Buuren's clubbing brand, Supermartxe, the ultimate gay friendly show party, and the big BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend, run by Cream Ibiza, manage to do it.

These are huge parties that regular draw the masses to take in the grand scale of, well, everything. The soundsystem is huge, the production for lighting and pyrotechnics is ridiculous and the lineups work hard to compete.

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